Easy WordPress Self-Hosting

Why Going Self-Hosted Is Easier Than You Think

Ever considered switching to self-hosted WordPress, but wondered if it would really be worth it and if it would be complicated to switch? We’ve made it super easy! ? Just send us a message on Facebook chat (the blue button at the bottom right of this...

Simple But Important Things To Do When Starting Your Blog

3 Simple But Important Things To Do When Starting A Blog

We can all look back over our lives and say that we wish we had done this or that differently. Like I wish I had started saving money in my 20s instead of waiting until my 30s. And I wish that I had never eaten that whole bag of cotton candy in one go!

With blogging, it’s the same way! There are so many things that if I could go back in time, I would tell myself to do differently right from the start.

Lyrical Host: The Story So Far & Future Plans

The Story So Far (& Future Plans!)

Welcome to the shiny new Lyrical Host blog! It's been a crazy few months of non-stop work to get to the point we're at today, and now I'm finally relaxing by going back to my roots and first love: blogging. While Lyrical Host was dreamed up...