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Help & Support

Everyone gets stuck sometimes, so we’re here to help when you do. Whether you’re not sure about DNS records or you’re wondering how an SSL certificate will affect your search engine rankings, we have a wealth of resources and a friendly support team to help you out. We’re firm believers that there are no stupid questions.


Our support works a bit differently from other web hosts. Because we have a very specific customer base of bloggers, digital nomads, and small business owners, we’re able to provide very specific help and content catered for your goals. It goes far beyond the support that any other web host offers, because we help you with your dreams, not just your hosting.


We have guides, articles, videos, and blog posts if you want to get a quick answer on your own. And we have lovely customer service reps to help you out privately and directly with specific questions.


At the moment our customer-facing support covers approximately 18-19 hours per day every day of the year, but we’re looking to make it the full 24 hours soon. Network, data center, and platform support is 24/7.

No scripts, copy-and-paste responses, or generic troubleshooting: all our customer service is 100% personal to you.
Our support staff don't have sales targets or any encouragement or incentive to sell.
We don't fob you off or try to get you out of the system as fast as possible. We listen to what you have to say and investigate thoroughly where needed.
We love to help new bloggers and people who aren't confident with hosting, domains, email, and all the lingo that goes with them. We speak your language, whatever level you're at.
WordPress developer-grade support as standard. We don't just help with hosting, we help with WordPress-specific issues too, so you don't need to hire a developer.

What’s included in your support

Full hosting, domain name, SSL, webmail and email support
Full support for all other Lyrical Host services, including the Resource Library
Help with setting up your (included) Lyrical Host email in a mail client or service of your choice, for example Apple Mail or Gmail.
Domain, hosting and email migrations from other hosts and registrars, plus your choice of theme installation and SSL certificate setup (see our Migration page for more details).
Free one-to-one masterclasses for things like search engine optimization, monetizing your blog, and professional social media.
Domain support for domains registered elsewhere (when your hosting is with us).
WordPress developer-grade support; we fix issues and coding that prevent your site working, even if they're related to a third-party theme or plugin.
WordPress theme customization isn't included as standard, but if you need it, it can be purchased separately at an affordable rate any time via our Theme Perfection service.

The Lyrical Host Approach

Our goal is to help you where we can, and we employ a ‘teach first’ approach. This means we guide you through the hows and whys first instead of doing it for you, so you can find out more about how things work and get a better idea of how you can do it independently next time. Don’t worry – we’re not throwing you in the deep end. If you need it done for you, or need another walkthrough again later, we’ll do that too. But we find a lot of people feel empowered from our approach and gain confidence and skills in areas they’d previously written off as too complicated.

We also try our best to help with whatever problem or question you have. Our team has decades of experience in the web hosting industry, and we also have our own personal websites, so we’re well situated to help you with things that go beyond web hosting. We’re also not your typical support team in that we help with WordPress-specific issues where possible rather than just telling you we can’t help with third party software.

Support Channels

Support Database

We have a comprehensive support database with step-by-step instructions for everything from updating your URL on BlogLovin’ to transferring your website from WordPress.com. We add new articles regularly, and we’re always happy to hear your suggestions for new topics. Access the support database straight from your control panel.

Facebook Group

We have an exclusive Facebook group for Lyrical Host customers and subscribers to share their content, get advice, and share opinions on strategies, tools, services, and much more. You’ll receive an email explaining how you can join the community when you become a customer.

How-To Guides

Some guides are available publicly, but most are only available to Lyrical Host customers. They cover a huge range of topics, from getting started with WordPress to attracting more email subscribers, and can be step-by-step technical guides or short ebooks packed with tips and tricks. To get a taste of what our guides are like, check out How To Pick The Perfect Domain Name. All support guides are available in your control panel once you become a customer.

Support Guides

One-to-One Personal Support

Can’t get the answer to your question anywhere else, or want to ask it privately and securely? Raise a support ticket from your customer control panel and one of our friendly support staff will be there to help you as soon as possible. Our ticketing system makes it easy to share screenshots, post code, and review past conversations if you need to refer back to what was said at a later date.

We only hire friendly, approachable staff who are knowledgeable and care about the web industry. We also have a rating system for tickets, so you can give honest feedback about how your question was handled.

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