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Speed & Security

Daily malware scanning, full malware cleaning & personal site speed reports. All at no extra cost.

Built For Speed, Worldwide

We’re proud to have customers all over the world. From Austria to Australia, Sweden to South Africa, Lyrical Host customers span six continents.


And we’re proud that we’re faster than the majority of other web hosts even in their native states/countries, due to super powerful hardware, clever platforms, and smart technologies. Don’t just settle for your website only being speedy in the US – have it speedy everywhere!


Most of the Lyrical Host family is based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, but we have customers in over 50 countries!


Our focus is on making our services the best value for money for the high quality you get, so you can make Lyrical Host your home for life without worrying about price increases or outgrowing us.

Fast Secure WordPress Hosting

Fine-Tuned For Performance

Powerful integrated caching for WordPress, so you don't need to install & configure extra plugins.
Built for you to go viral - don't worry about your website going slow or offline if a pin takes off or you're on TV!
Full SSD web space, so your website files are stored reliably & loaded fast for visitors.
Faster than most hosts even in their native states/countries.
Personalized speed testing & recommendations specifically for your site from our senior in-house WordPress developer.
Coming Soon: Exclusive, easy to follow WordPress site speed course (perfect if you're not technical!). Free for all Lyrical Host customers.

How Fast Will My Website Be With You?

We don’t make any guarantees about speed, because every single website is different. But independent testing shows that our optimized WordPress platform is faster than the big brand-name hosts you’re already familiar with…even if their servers are closer to you.


Beyond that, most websites have scope for improving speed. But we do tell you how you can optimize your website further, what wins there are to be made, and what, if anything, is causing your website to be slower than you’d like.

We provide actionable, specific, easy tasks for you to improve your website speed, which you can do yourself or pass on to your virtual assistant. No more guesswork, no more sifting through random (and often wrong!) suggestions in Facebook groups.


And in line with our values of honesty and integrity, we’ll even tell you if you’d be better off with a different host, based on a personalized assessment of all your needs.

Free Malware Scanning & Cleaning

If you’re familiar with web hosting, you’ll know that if your website gets hacked or infected with malware, it can get very expensive very quickly.`


Most security services charge hundreds of dollars for malware removal, and a lot of web hosts try to sell you additional security services on top. What makes it even worse is that they usually don’t do a good job of cleaning everything; either because they just don’t know how or because it’s in their interests not to so you’ll continue to renew your costly security services.


We scan your websites for malware every 24 hours, and let you know if we find anything. With your approval, we’ll go ahead and clean up the issue, and explain what caused it (in human language, not tech speak!) so you can prevent it happening again.


We don’t charge any extra – free malware scanning and cleaning are included with all our plans as standard. Because worrying about hacks and malware is stressful enough without adding crazy charges to make your life harder.

Desktop computer with a screen showing padlocks

WordPress Website? We’ve Got Your Back

Built-in brute force protection for your WordPress login screen.
Your websites are automatically scanned for malware every 24 hours.
Coming Soon: Exclusive, easy to follow WordPress site security course (perfect if you're not technical!). Free for all Lyrical Host customers.
Integrated Web Application Firewall to block common WordPress attacks.
See unexpected, modified, removed or mismatched WordPress core files at a glance.
Free, unlimited professional malware cleaning with all hosting plans.


I’m in the US, can I still use your hosting?

Yes, absolutely! Around 40-50% of our customers are based in the US, and around 90% of the websites we host have significant US traffic. We welcome customers and visitors from all over the world.

Most of my visitors are US-based, will my site still load quickly for them?

Due to the technologies, hardware, software, and platforms we have, it’s highly unlikely that our data center locations will have more than a split-second impact on your website speed. Many of our customers coming from large US hosts find that their website is actually faster for them and their US visitors even without any additional changes or optimization.


Most causes of slow websites are due to controllable site-specific factors such as page size, images, plugins, advertising network scripts, Pinterest and Instagram widgets, and so on, which are unrelated to the hosting or caching.


If you have concerns about content delivery, we can also set up Cloudflare for you. Just ask our support team!

Where are your data centers located?

Our data centers are located in the UK, which is safe from natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, and follows strict security and data protection guidelines.

Your site seems kinda slow to me, why is that?

Our website is slower than yours will be because it’s not hosted on our super-optimized WordPress platform, our chat and currency switcher add a lot to the page load, and we don’t have any caching at all on our currency switcher pages due to conflicts. We live on the edge like that!

My website isn’t as fast as I’d like, what do I do?

Simply raise a ticket with our support team and they’ll be able to help you out at no extra cost. Depending on what’s involved, your preferences, and your technical level, this may involve our articles and free course, running speed tests for you,  and creating a personalized speed report with tasks for you or your team to action.

Is your malware scanning as good as the expensive paid services?

Yes, we use state-of-the-art scanning tools, and we also do multiple deep scans using additional tools on request. It’s completely free if you have an active plan with us, and you can request extra scans any time!


We’d go as far as to say our malware cleaning is better than most other options on the market, because we don’t gain anything from it, and therefore it’s in our interests to get your website properly cleaned up, and help you protect it from being hacked again.

Why do you offer free malware scanning & cleaning when others charge?

It’s part of our commitment to making having your own WordPress website as easy and hassle-free as possible for you. We’re strongly against hosting upsells and paid add-ons; we believe everything should be included for you as part of your standard service. This is why we also don’t charge any extra for SSL certificates, domain privacy, or daily website backups!

Do you clean pre-existing malware?

We scan and clean all websites migrated to our platform as part of our free website migration service. This helps ensure that you’re a good neighbor, and you have good neighbors too!


If you’re already aware of malware on your website when you book your migration, please let us know so we can prepare for it and make sure your website is cleaned and secured.

Do you back up my website?

We back up your website every 24 hours, and you can roll back to any backup from the past 30 days straight from your control panel. But we encourage you to take your own backups too, since you can never have too many! If you need help with this, please contact our support team who will be happy to help.

Need Some Help?

Not sure which type of hosting you need? Or have a technical question that isn’t answered here? Get in touch and we’ll help you get sorted!

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