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Free SSL Certificates

Safeguard your visitors and improve your search engine rankings in a click.

Free. Forever.

At Lyrical Host we offer free-for-life SSL certificates.

Powered by the Google- and Mozilla-backed Let’s Encrypt organization, our SSL certificates are super easy to set up, or our team will do it for you – just ask!

What Are SSL Certificates?

SSL certificates ensure visitors to your website have an encrypted connection. This means a third party can’t intercept any information your visitors give you, such as their email address or payment details.

Visitors to your website will see https:// at the start of your website address and get a green padlock icon in their browser when visiting your site. This signals that their connection to your website is securely encrypted and no third party can intercept their browsing session or any details they share.

Six Big Advantages of SSL Certificates


An SSL certificate ensures your visitors’ connections are secured when browsing your website or sharing information with you.

Peace of Mind

Studies and surveys have shown that customers are more likely to trust brands and complete checkout if they see the green SSL padlock.

Google ❤

Google says their algorithm can penalize websites without SSL certificates and also improve the rankings of sites that do have one installed.

No browser warnings

Browsers warn users if there’s no SSL certificate when they go to a form on your site. An SSL certificate prevents this message popping up.

Safeguard personal data

If you collect any kind of information, from email addresses to card details, your visitors know you’re prioritizing their best interests.

Easy install

As a Lyrical Host customer, you can install an SSL certificate for your site in just a click, straight from your control panel.

Extended SSL Certificates

For the vast majority of websites, a regular SSL certificate is more than enough. However, we also offer Extended SSL certificates, which have all the features of our free SSL certificates plus a warranty and a green browser address bar. Contact us for pricing and further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who issues your SSL certificates?

All our free SSL certificates are powered by Let’s Encrypt, which is an initiative supported by Google and Mozilla with the aim of creating a more secure web in an affordable way. We back their endeavour 100%, which is why we’ve chosen Let’s Encrypt as our certificate provider instead of charging for SSL certificates like many other hosting companies.

How do I install my SSL certificate?

You can active your free SSL certificates automatically in a click from your control panel, or speak to our support team who will be happy to help. There’s no tricky setup process and we automatically renew them for free every three months to save you having to do it yourself.

Are your SSL certificates really free?

Yep! If you’re on our Tiny plan you get one free SSL, Mighty plans get three free SSL certificates, and Boss plans get unlimited free SSL certificates.

We’ll never charge you for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates or renewals. They’re included free as long as you have a hosting plan with us. Some hosts offer ‘free’ SSL certificates that are only free for the first year. With Lyrical Host they’re free forever.

What else do I need to know?

Changing your URL from http:// to https:// can affect your search engine rankings if you don’t set up redirects, so remember to 301 your URLs if you’ve never had an SSL certificate for your website before. Our team can help sort it if you’re not sure how to do it.

The only caveat for using our free SSL certificates is that the domain name needs to be pointed at our nameservers. This is required by Let’s Encrypt for security reasons.

Set Up Your Free SSL Certificates

Sign up for any of our hosting plans and then just log in to your control panel to set up your free SSL certificate/s!