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WordPress Video Tutorials

New to WordPress? This page has over 40 short video tutorials to explain everything you need to know to get started. You’ll need sound on for these videos.


If you’re a Lyrical Host customer with a WordPress hosting plan, first go to yoursite.com/wp-admin in your browser to finish setting up WordPress before following the tutorials below. Enjoy!


Need more help? Contact our support team or download our PDF Getting Started Guide from the Resource Library.

Getting Started with WordPress

The WordPress Dashboard

This video introduces you to the WordPress Dashboard, which is the heart of your website management.


With the Dashboard you do everything from writing posts and uploading images to changing your website’s look. If you’re new to WordPress, this is a great video to begin your journey.


WordPress has a bunch of useful but slightly hidden settings for users, comments, date formatting, RSS, and much more. This video looks at the different options available to you.

The Admin Bar

Across the top of your WordPress Dashboard (and when viewing your website while logged in to your Dashboard), you’ll see a black menu bar. This video explains what it is and what it’s used for.

Quick Draft

Instead of using the fully-featured editor to write your posts, you can draft a basic post quickly and easily right from your WordPress Dashboard homepage. It’s great for jotting down rough ideas quickly so you can come back to them later when you have more time.

Changing Your Password

Learn how to change the password for your WordPress Dashboard user(s) with this short video. We recommend changing your password regularly for better security.

Posts & Pages

Pages vs. Posts

With WordPress you can create posts (for blog entries) and pages (for long-term content such as your ‘About’ or ‘Contact’ page. This video takes you through both options.

Adding New Pages

Learn how to add a new page to your WordPress website quickly and easily.

Add New Pages/Posts (Gutenberg)

Gutenberg is the block editing system found in WordPress 5.0 onwards. Learn how to add new posts & pages using Gutenberg in this video.

Adding New Posts

Learn how to add a new post to your WordPress website quickly and easily.


Each of your blog posts can be added to categories so you and your visitors can find what they’re looking for easily (for example ‘Travel’ or ‘Cooking’). This video explains what categories are and how to create them.


You can tag your blog posts with specific words or terms so you and your visitors can find what they’re looking for easily (for example ‘Mexico’ or ‘Italian food’). This video explains what tags are and how to create them.


WordPress saves revisions to your posts and pages so you can use past versions if necessary. This videos explains how revisions work and how to use them.


If you don’t want to display each blog post in full on your homepage (or in other places it appears alongside other posts, such as Category pages or Archive pages), you can set it to only show a short snippet. This video guides you through excerpts and more tags that will help you control how your posts are presented. This is also a great way to reduce your bounce rate and make your content harder for bots to steal.

Styling Posts & Pages

Visual Editor

The Visual Editor is a great “what you see is what you get” editor that makes styling your posts and pages easy to do without knowing any code.

Gutenberg Editor Overview

Take a look at how to use WordPress’s Gutenberg Editor with this insightful video.

Reusable Blocks

Take a look at how to use Gutenberg’s Reusable Blocks with this insightful video.


Learn how to use different types of headings for your posts and pages with this quick and easy video.


Learn how to turn your text into paragraphs with this short tutorial.


Learn the basics of working with text to format your posts and pages.


See how to create lists of text with bullet points or automatic numbering using this video.

Embed Videos

Here’s how to include videos from third party websites (such as YouTube) in your blog posts and website pages.


Media Library

Your WordPress Media Library is the collection of all the images, videos, PDFs, and other media files you’ve uploaded to your website. Here are the basics of using it.

Adding Media

Find out how to upload media files, such as images and video, to your WordPress Media Library.

Creating Playlists

Create playlists in WordPress in seconds with this simple and straightforward tutorial.

Image Galleries

Build your own attractive image galleries and drop them into posts and pages straight from your WordPress Dashboard.

Image Editor

Learn the ins and outs of basic image editing – such as cropping your photos – and transform your images from within WordPress.


Upload Images From Your Computer

Learn how to upload images from your computer and use them in your posts and pages.

Add Images From URL

Add images from web addresses and use them in your posts and pages.

Edit Images

Learn how to edit your images in WordPress with this quick video.

Replace Images

Switch out images in seconds with this short video tutorial.

Delete Images

Discover how to delete images from your posts and pages.

Themes & Plugins

Install Themes

Install WordPress themes straight from your Dashboard in seconds – this video explains how.

Change Themes

This video explains how you can change your WordPress theme in just a few clicks.


Learn the basics of customizing your WordPress theme (no code required).


Add, edit, and manage your website menus with this short video.


WordPress widgets help you add more functionality to your sidebar and footer with easy drag-and-drop boxes.


Plugins supercharge your WordPress install and really help you make it different. There are free and premium plugins for everything from search engine optimization to adding a full store to your website, and this video provides a great introduction.

Website Management


WordPress has some handy optional tools that you can access straight from your Dashboard, for example for importing and exporting posts.


Manage the comments on your website, including approving, editing, deleting, and marking as spam.

Restoring Posts

Hit delete on a post? Here’s how to bring it back if it’s still in your Trash.


Known as the Bin to UK WordPress users, the Trash is where you can manage and permanently delete unwanted posts, pages, and drafts.


You can create different users for your blog and give them different levels of access. For example, you could give someone access to your Dashboard who can only review posts, or give someone you trust full administrator access.


In this video we look at how to keep your WordPress website updated and install any new versions.

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