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Why Register Your Domain Name With Lyrical Host?

Simple, honest pricing

We don’t charge more when it’s time to renew. Prices vary by extension due to the costs set by individual domain registries.

Set domains to autorenew (or not)

You’re always in control of what renews and when. Turn renewals on or off yourself in your control panel.

Renew when you like

You don’t have to wait 30 days before your domain name expires to renew it – you can do it any time.

Free domain privacy

On all qualifying domain names. Simply follow the instructions in your confirmation email to set it up in a couple of clicks.

Free SSL certificates

If you also have a hosting package with us, you can activate a completely free SSL certificate direct from your control panel.

All the tools you need

Set up redirects, forwarders, change DNS records and more in your control panel. If you need help, we’re here for you.

Domain Extensions & Pricing

Below you can find all available domain extensions and their pricing and renewal costs. We’ve just listed the prices for a year, but you can register for more years if you prefer. We don’t inflate the cost of renewals either! If you can’t find the extension you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll add it if we can!

Already have a domain? Transfer it to us for the price listed below and the renewal date will automatically be extended for a year.

DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.com£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.co.uk£7.991 £7.99£7.99
.blog£23.991 £23.99£23.99
.shop£34.991 £34.99£34.99
.life£27.991 £27.99£27.99
.us£17.991 £17.99£17.99
.biz£17.991 £17.99£17.99
.ca£17.991 £17.99£17.99
.info£17.991 £17.99£17.99
.photos£17.991 £17.99£17.99
.me£17.991 £17.99£17.99
.pink£17.991 £17.99£17.99
.uk£7.991 £7.99£7.99
.org.uk£7.991 £7.99£7.99
.net£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.org£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.es£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.nl£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.eu£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.be£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.club£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.fr£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.it£12.991 £12.99£12.99
.co£23.991 £23.99£23.99
.church£27.991 £27.99£27.99
.tech£451 £45£45
.co.nz£24.991 £24.99£24.99

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Is this your first rodeo? If so, take a look at our quick guide for choosing the perfect domain name.


It covers frequently asked questions such as “What makes a good domain name?” and “What should I do if the domain I want has already been registered?”

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It’s easy to move your domains to us. We don’t charge any moving-in fees, and there’s no risk of losing your domain or website downtime. As always, our support team is on hand to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

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Free Domain Privacy

When you buy a domain, regardless of where you buy it, your contact details are published publicly on the web in the WHOIS database.

If your domain name grabs the attention of spammers, this means you’ll get a ton of junk email, calls, and mail. Domain privacy displays a standardised set of details to prevent this from happening, and ensures that the domain registry doesn’t disable your domain for incorrect contact details.

We include domain privacy for free with all domain name registrations and transfers that support privacy, including all the most popular extensions.

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