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About Us

Welcome to the Lyrical Host family. Here's our story.

We’re a small team with a big heart

At the moment we’re officially a team of five, although we have paid interns dipping in and out depending on the season. We’re unique in the web hosting industry in that the majority of our staff members are women. At the moment our team is based in the UK and US, but we’re looking to expand to more countries (hello Australia!) over the next year.

We have an official moral code for Lyrical Host: in short, we don’t allow any hate propaganda to be hosted on our servers, and we pay all our staff a fair living wage.

Lyrical Host was founded by Jenni Brown and Joseph Tansley, who have a long history of working in the web industry and are passionate about blogging and web development. They have a very hands-on approach within the company, and you’ll often see their faces in Lyrical Host’s marketing and support.

Founding Lyrical Host

After seven years of working for web hosting companies (and 14 years of using them!), Jenni was tired of seeing the same old styles and branding everywhere. Wherever you’re buying hosting and domains from, it typically falls into the same clichés of men in suits staring at servers, or cheesy team photos where the token woman employee is wheeled out to center stage for one day only. Why had no one created anything really different?

The hosting industry is notorious for hidden costs, deliberately obscure pricing, and sneaky upsells. Having seen everything from domains being secretly added to people’s baskets to fake services for search engine optimization and security, Jenni wanted to see a huge change in the industry. No more sell-your-soul three year contracts. No support staff with sales targets. No junk products. No renewals that cost 300% than the initial purchase.

Beyond that, a lot of web hosts attract web designers, developers, bloggers, and small business owners. Why aren’t they doing more to really help their customers succeed? How about beautiful free design resources, a friendly community, and website advice going beyond just web hosting?

All these concepts came together and Lyrical Host was born. The company is based around simple, honest pricing, making hosting beautiful and a joy to use, and lovely free goodies and community support.

Future Goals

Lyrical Host has two main aims, which are based around education and giving back.

1. Education & Empowerment

We want to empower people everywhere by making technology more accessible and helping people learn more about hosting, domains, and websites to help them reach their goals and achieve their dreams. We’re firm believers in teaching people to fish, as the saying goes, and we plan to expand the help we provide in the form of guides, articles, and eventually courses and coaching.

2. Giving Back

Our second goal is to grow our customer base enough so that a percentage of your hosting payments go towards helping vulnerable people and animals around the world. We’re planning to donate to a wide range of causes, ranging from technology aids for disabled children to supporting victims of abuse. We want to make the world a better place, and that goes far beyond web hosting.