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About Us

Welcome to the Lyrical Host family. Here's our story.

We’re a small team with a big heart

We started Lyrical Host with the goal of being different. We wanted to flip the script on the traditional suits ‘n’ servers and dudebro type cultures that are so common in the hosting and tech industries. A lot of people told us we were taking a huge risk and it would never work because “women don’t understand tech.”


Thousands of customers in fifty countries later, we all proved them wrong.


We are fiercely proud of all our customers, and passionate about supporting people who have historically not had their voice heard or their message shared. We have customers of all genders, ages, sexualities, colors, and sizes, many of whom are disabled, visually impaired, austistic, or chronically ill, and we support them and continuously educate and improve ourselves to provide a better service for their needs and goals.


All customers are required to follow our Moral Code. It’s the most important section of our terms and conditions, which is why it’s at the top. We do not condone and will not host any form of hate.

The Lyrical Host family covers a broad spectrum from doctors to fashion bloggers (and yes, some are both!).


Our focus is on attracting the right people and building a community of smart, driven people who in turn build each other up. The people who are dreamers, doers, thinkers. The people who have something to say and something to achieve no matter how imperfect the world.


Together, we celebrate your successes. Back you when you have doubts. Believe in you when you’re struggling to believe in yourself. Support is at the heart of what we do; there’s a reason why more than half our team is dedicated to customer service, and why we have no sales people. We are proudly independent and don’t advertise (we prefer to reward our fantastic affiliates than line big corp pockets).


If you’re reading this and you feel drawn to us, even if you aren’t specifically sure why, you’d likely be a great part of our family. If everything that you’ve just read has made you roll your eyes, maybe you’re looking for a more generic hosting company 😉

The Lyrical Host Office

Founding Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host was founded by Jenni Brown and Joseph Tansley, who have a long history of working in the web industry and are passionate about blogging and web development. They have a very hands-on approach within the company, and you’ll often see them around Lyrical Host’s community channels and support.

The Lyrical Host office is based in Nottingham, UK (don’t worry, we utilize data centers all over the world to serve your content to visitors from a location near them!). Located at the foot of Nottingham Castle in what used to be the castle’s deer park, we’re based in a 19th century building with Star Wars prints on the walls, reclaimed wooden desks, and super fast internet. For more on our office and approach, download our Environment Policy.

Our Support

Our support is like no other because our people are like no other. We only hire people who are fiercely passionate about your websites and want to help you succeed. All our support team members are fully-fledged, highly experienced WordPress developers as well as having strong hosting, domain name and email support backgrounds. This means that you don’t have to fight through layers of non-techy staff who don’t understand your question, try to sell you something, or don’t know your website or goals.

In addition to that, we also have kickass communities on Facebook and Slack with bloggers and business owners at all experience levels. So you always have someone who has been where you are, or someone who is in exactly the same place right now.


All our tech support is done through our ticket system for security, efficiency, ease of use, and later referencing. You can find out more about how it works and why we do it like this in our blog post A Bit About Our Support Process.

Lyrical Host’s main focuses are customer success and empowerment, giving back, and being a genuinely great place to work. We aren’t interested in helping ourselves become rich. We’re interested in helping you become successful.

01. Education & Empowerment

We want to empower people everywhere by making technology more accessible and helping people learn more about hosting, domains, and websites to help them reach their goals and achieve their dreams. We’re firm believers in teaching people to fish, as the saying goes, and we offer help in a whole bunch of different ways, including our Knowledgebase, blog, community, courses, virtual group residencies, and one-to-one events.


If you want us to do things for you, we can. If you want us to explain things or provide info for you to do them yourself, we’re more than happy to help with that too.


There are a whole bunch of areas where “experts” try to keep people in the dark, and we don’t believe in doing that. We continue to create free, in-depth courses for things like security and site speed, so you can understand them as well as the pros and you’re never paying extra to people who give you automated reports in tech speak that you don’t understand (often to hide that they don’t know themselves, or that they haven’t actually done anything beyond installing a couple of plugins!)

02. Giving Back

From the early days, we’ve been committed to giving back as a company. A percentage of your hosting payments go towards helping the environment, people and animals around the world. We want to do what we can to make the world a better place, and that goes far beyond web hosting.


We plant trees, support education for girls in Mozambique, donate to coral reef research & protection, and much more. For more details and a full list of non-profits and charities, check out our Causes We Support page.


We’re also passionate about giving back to our customers. This includes ad hoc things such as hiring for freelance work, buying up their virtual assistant/freelancer hours to donate to help others, all kinds of contests and giveaways throughout the year (including our legendary Bunnybot Easter Egg Hunt), sponsoring customer contests, donating to causes they’re passionate about, buying from their businesses, sharing their content, and much more.

03. Working At Lyrical Host

We give a lot, but we expect a lot in return. As the Lyrical Host family is part of everything we do, not only will you be interviewed by us, some of our interview questions have been created by our customers too!


We aren’t into corporate fluff, so we don’t do performance reviews or KPIs or anything like that. We don’t score people or do benchmark averages, because we don’t employ anyone average.


Instead, we ask employees two questions every quarter: What can we do better as a company? What can we do better for you? We take every answer seriously and encourage genuine, honest responses with the goal of actioning them wherever possible.


All our staff and contractors are paid above the National Living Wage.

Employee perks include:


  • A paid week off before you even start (so you have some time between roles to catch up on life stuff, yell into a void about your past workplace, and relax).
  • Generous annual leave allowance, including Personal Days plus your choice of Release Day or your birthday (you’re guaranteed a holiday day on your birthday or the day when a book/film/game you’ve been waiting for is released).
  • Flexible working hours and location (following induction).
  • Office snacks and drinks, plus monthly brunch.
  • Summer & Winter bonuses.
  • Performance-based pay rises.
  • Tree planting (we plant trees for customers, and do the same for staff!)
  • Learning & wellness support (including physical and mental health)
  • Charity donations (we set up a regular donation to a non-political, non-religious charity or non-profit of your choice).
  • Small library (access to our collection of business, web, and self-improvement books covering everything from Radical Candor to Web Accessibility to How To Be Brilliant).

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