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Migrating to Lyrical Host

It’s easy to move to us without downtime or risk to your site. Just sit back, relax, & let us do the hard work!

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Take a tour to preview our tools and services, or check out how we deal with support to see if we’re a good fit for you. Once you’re with us, it’s easy to move plans and platforms if needed.

Migrating your website to Lyrical Host

You can choose to move your hosting, domains, or both to us. If you prefer to leave your domain name elsewhere, we can hook up your Lyrical Host hosting to it and your website will work as normal.


We migrate your websites, email, and more for free with any plan! To learn more, check out all the details and book a migration on our Moving In page. Please note that any domain name transfers incur a cost, which is detailed on our Domain Names page.

Free WordPress website migrations

It’s super easy to move your WordPress website to us, and we’ve got a step-by-step guide to walk you through it. Want someone else to handle it? If you have a WordPress website, whether it’s self-hosted or through WordPress.com, we’re happy to migrate you in for free. Simply book a migration with our team, and we’ll get you moved across with no downtime or risk to your website.

Non-WordPress website migrations

If you already have a website hosted elsewhere that isn’t running WordPress, we’ll offer all the help and support we can to get you moved in. This may involve moving your current website to WordPress, or simply replicating your website on our Linux platform.

Depending on the complexity of your website and the host you’re moving from, we may be able to migrate everything over for you for free or at a small cost. Contact our team to find out more.

Transferring your domains to Lyrical Host

If you’re moving your website hosting to Lyrical Host, we recommend you do that first before transferring in your domain name. Alternatively, you can leave your domain where it is and just update the DNS, which can be explained in more detail by our team.

Transferring a domain has an additional cost, depending on the domain name extension. All transfer prices are listed on our domains page.

If your domain name is on the cusp of renewal (within 7 days), we highly recommend you renew it so that there’s enough time to transfer and propagate.

We’re here to help

Have a question about moving to Lyrical Host, or about any of our products and services? Let us know, and we’ll help!

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