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Google Font Pairings To Try & Love

Not so long ago, we only had a few font choices to play with on blogs and websites. Now, there are thousands of different styles of fonts available, so many in fact that it can be hard to choose!


Why use Google Fonts?

Google fonts are free for commercial use, so you can be sure you can use them legally on your blog or website. You can easily match them across your website, graphics and design programs. They are also supported on a wide range of devices, and across all major browsers.

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Popular Color Palette Resources (Free & Paid)

Branding (or rebranding) your blog or business is such a fun and interesting project. Naturally, some people already know what kind of branding or colors they want to use, or know which direction they want to take it in. But when it comes down to your final choice, it can sometimes feel like a never-ending task trying to create the perfect palette.