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Popular Color Palette Resources (Free & Paid)

Branding (or rebranding) your blog or business is such a fun and interesting project. Naturally, some people already know what kind of branding or colors they want to use, or know which direction they want to take it in. But when it comes down to your final choice, it can sometimes feel like a never-ending task trying to create the perfect palette.


21 Body Positive Stock Photo Websites (Free & Paid)

Body positivity covers a whole range of different things: weight, height, alopecia, scarring, unique facial features, birthmarks, and much more. There’s one aspect that links them all together though, and that’s celebrating the human body in all its forms. We know that you appreciate being able...

Best Free WooCommerce Themes

50+ Of The Best Free WooCommerce Themes

Starting your own online store is super cheap when you’re using WordPress and the free WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is super flexible in that you can sell digital or physical products – or a combination of both!

Picking a free theme will help you keep your costs down and help you figure out what you need from an ecommerce theme without any risk, which is great if you’re just starting out or testing the waters.