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30+ Best Free WordPress Themes For Travel Bloggers

Beautiful glossy photos, stunning scenic routes, and must-know destination tips demand an equally worthy setting, so we’ve rounded up dozens of the best free travel themes for you to pick from.

There are so many themes out there that showcase photography and destination blogging that it was hard to narrow it down, but we’ve tried to find something to represent all tastes, from dramatic dark backgrounds to a simple but effective white canvas. There are no right or wrong options here; the most important thing is to find a theme you’re happy with that represents your style and journey.

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All the travel themes we’ve listed are compatible with self-hosted WordPress, which is the version we offer here at Lyrical Host. Although the basics of all the themes are free, some may have optional paid features as well. Before installing a theme, you may find the tips in this post useful: How To Look After Your WordPress Website.

If you’re a Lyrical Host customer and need help installing your theme, simply contact our support team and they’ll be able to help – plus, you can ask any setup questions you need after the install is complete. There’s also a Theme Change Checklist in the Resource Library if you’re switching from another theme and want to check you have everything covered.

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But now, on with the list of free travel themes for WordPress!

Ona Travel

Travel Vista


Hello Travel



WEN Travel Blog


Patricia Minimal

Graceful Vibe

Divine Blog




Sarada Lite

Blossom Fashion


Travel Hiking

Travel Diary

Elegant Travel


WEN Travel Modern

Minimal Travel

WEN Travel Dark

Travel Insight


Graceful Vibe

The Adventure Journal

Wildlife Safari


Hello Elementor


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30+ free travel WordPress themes for bloggers

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