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How to move from Etsy to your own website

How To Transition From Etsy To Your Own Website

Etsy can be great for driving traffic and brand awareness in the early stages of your business, but there are tons of benefits to having your own website in the long run.

Read on to find out more about those, plus all our tips and tricks for making the transition.

Colorful eggs on grey background

[Content Closed] Back For Spring 2024: The BunnyBot Virtual Egg Hunt

This contest is now closed! See you next time 🙂


If you’re new to Lyrical Host, you may not know that every year we run a virtual egg hunt around our website, powered by our virtual fluffy friend, BunnyBot!

All you need to do is locate the different colored eggs on various pages on the Lyrical Host website and submit them to our chatbot, BunnyBot, to be in with a chance to win. You don’t need to collect all the eggs as 1 egg = 1 entry. But finding all six increases your odds of winning. If you can’t see the eggs or struggle to distinguish different colors, don’t worry; all the eggs have different ALT text so you can distinguish between them that way too.

Five lucky hunters will win their choice of $30 USD or equivalent currency, or $40 credit to their Lyrical Host account.

Most popular blog posts from Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host’s 6 Most Popular Blog Posts: A Roundup

We’re celebrating Lyrical Host’s sixth birthday! Over the years we’ve published nearly two hundred posts on everything from affiliate marketing to search engine optimization.

Today we’re looking back at the highlights – the most popular posts we’ve published in terms of shares, views, or references.

Let’s get started!