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A Bit About Our Support Process

In addition to all the videos, guides, articles, masterclasses, and blog posts we have to help you, we also have one-to-one support to help you with your domain names, hosting, email, and other service queries. We’ll also happily fix WordPress- and code-specific problems that prevent people from properly viewing your website – even if you accidentally caused them yourself!

Why Become A Blogger?

We Asked, “Why Do You Blog?” Here Are The Answers…

Back in the early days of blogging, having a blog typically meant having an online journal where you wrote about your life. Over the years, the blogging industry has exploded into different niches, commercial businesses, and living the dream of earning a full time income from a blog.

While we respect all the reasons people blog, we’re strong believers in “passion first” when it comes to websites, because doing what you love will get you through the slow times, the hard times, and the “everyone is better than me, omg” times.