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Brand new live & replayable content, shaped by you.

What Are Workshops?

Our workshops are easy to digest, 1 hour+ long sessions that you can attend online or in-person (at our content creator and coworking space in Nottingham, England). Each workshop includes supplementary content and follow-up support so you benefit from a real one-to-one feel even in a group setting.


The structure and style of each workshop varies depending on who’s teaching it and the topic, but for the most part they’re a mix of lecture and seminar – how tos, strategy, and question and answer sessions designed to help you. To get the most out of the workshop, we provide materials and tasks to encourage action following it, so that you’re balancing consuming and actioning.

Workshops are great if:


  • You have a blog, side hustle or business you’re looking to take to the next level.
  • You feel like people in your real life don’t understand what you do and you want to be around people who just get it.
  • You strive for success and feel energized from peer support.
  • You’re naturally interested in what other people are doing in their business or with their blog, and hearing from them motivates you.
  • You’re in a position to be able to action what you take away from a session (i.e. you have some extra time to implement your plans).
  • You don’t have the time/money for substantial or long-term coaching/strategy commitments.
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What’s Included

♥ At least an hour of live content per workshop (more if attendees want).


♥ Content tailored to you (a quick survey in advance of each to see what you want to know/what’s useful to you to cover, and to get an idea of where you’re at so it’s shaped for your level and needs).


♥ Encouragement to submit your own questions before, and/or ask during.


♥ Access to our private Workshops channel on Slack.

♥ Additional exclusive content on each topic (may be a pre-recorded video/podcast, PDF downloads, templates, or similar).


♥ Lifetime unlimited access to all content, including both replays and downloads.


♥ Exclusive complementary downloads for each workshop (such as cheatsheets, time-saving templates and workbooks).


♥ Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl 3 technology, so you can virtually view the room as well as the speaker/s.

Workshop Schedule

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Goal Setting & Schedule Planning



Whether you plan digitally or on paper, make 2024 your best year yet with a goal and planning workshop that works for your life and schedule. We’ll ask you what your plans are, go through what you want to achieve, and work backwards to break it down into steps so you have your months/quarters mapped out. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself and your blog or business to a small group of like-minded people.


This workshop includes extra downloads. (Optional) quarterly check-ins via our private Slack channel throughout the year give you extra support & accountability.

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SEO: The big things people skip



The biggest things that move the needle for Google rankings are often the things that people spend little or no time on. In this workshop we’ll go through keyword research step-by-step, explaining how to do it and how to use it in your content without losing your own style or sounding like a robot.


We’ll also cover why link building is so important, plus tips and tricks for link building as a blogger or small business owner.


This workshop includes a bonus download with a list of practical ways to build your own links.

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Photo Editing: Skills & techniques for businesses & bloggers



Bring your own photos or use the ones provided, and learn how to edit your photos using Lightroom for mobile and desktop. We’ll look at how to add and remove elements from your photos, clean up your own shots, use presets, create realistic mockups, avoid common traps with shadows and perspective, and generally make magic happen.


This workshop includes a set of exclusive stock photos you can use to practice your own editing and use for your website, emails, ebooks, or social media. It also includes a list of mobile apps you can use to edit your photos on the go.

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Making (more) money from your website

Replay available.


In this session we’ll look at different monetization strategies and how to build on where you’re at. This could be diversifying your income streams, making more from your existing ones, or trying something completely new – whatever makes sense for you.


We’ll meet you where you’re at and brainstorm and strategize with you within the session, so it will be very tailored to the attendees.


This session is suitable for bloggers and small business owners at all stages, whether you’re making a full time income or you’ve not started monetizing yet.

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Content planning/repurposing

Available now.


Make the most of what you have by repurposing your existing content in brand new ways. Save time, build on what you know has already been successful, or turn a freebie into a paid product or service. This session will also help you plan new content by springboarding off what you already have.


This workshop assumes you’ve already created some kind of online content you’re looking to reuse, for example social media or blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, ebooks, opt-ins, courses, transcripts from webinars or workshops, or similar.


We’ll go through what you’ve got and strategize new ways to use it to attract subscribers, boost your search rankings, or increase your income.

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Using analytics data to form decisions/strategy

Available now.


This workshop is for you if you feel like you don’t understand website analytics, that you’re not making the most of the data you have, or you aren’t making connections between your data and your strategy.


We’ll go through how to use the data you have to help inform your decisions, from increasing the time people spend on your website to boosting conversions and deciding when to publish new content, launch new services or run sales. (To keep this workshop as non-techy as possible, please note that constructing reports and pathways isn’t included).


Google Analytics isn’t required for this workshop, but you should have some form of web analytics to look at (if you’re a Lyrical Host customer, AW Stats is provided in your hosting control panel).

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Adapting to seasonal ebbs & flows for your blog or business

All blogs and businesses have busy and quiet periods, so this workshop looks at when you may want to utilize quiet periods by resting or catching up on other tasks you don’t always have time for, and when you may want to diversify to bridge some gaps and create consistency.


In this workshop, we’ll utilize search engine optimization techniques, your schedule, data and past experiences to help you create a strategy for dealing with super quiet and/or super busy times.


This workshop assumes you know when your busy and quiet seasons are (e.g. if you’re a wedding photographer or travel blogger, summers probably look very busy to you and winters potentially very quiet). Your quieter period should be at least a month long to get the most from this workshop.

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Creating for accessibility

How easy is it for people with disabilities and/or other physical conditions and challenges to access your content and services? In this beginner’s workshop, we look at how to make what you offer more accessible to people with little to no vision, arthritis, hearing impairments, color blindness, and more.


You’ll discover how to gauge how accessible your website is, learn how to write great ALT text, find out what types and combinations of content offer the best accessibility and more.


By the end of the session, you’ll have your own checklist based on the types of content you create and services you offer, so you can make sure that what you’re doing moving forward is accessibility friendly, and you’re confident in what existing things you need to go back and review.

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Attracting (more) clients

With everyone back from summer break, it’s the perfect time to go all-in on attracting new clients. People are looking for what you offer, so it’s time to find your ideal match.


In this workshop, we’ll look at a number of different ideas for bringing in new people, do a one-to-one review with you on how you’re positioning yourself and your approach to getting clients, and figure out together what’s working and what’s not.


This workshop isn’t industry-specific (yoga instructors, IT contractors, and everyone in between is welcome!); whatever your business and however you work, we’re here to help. It’s most suitable if you work one-to-one with clients or hold small group classes or workshops.

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Increasing your open rate

The Lyrical Host newsletter has a consistent open rate of over 50%, and in this workshop we’ll share some of our tips and tricks for building a loyal list and boosting your open rate.


Whether you’re sending sales emails, mailshots, newsletters, or something else, we’ll cover everything from improving deliverability to hooking your audience. You can also bring an email of your own for feedback and suggestions.


This workshop assumes you already have a mailing list provider, such as Mailerlite or Convertkit, and something of an email list (even a very small one!) that you’ve emailed at least once in the past couple of months.

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Beating burnout, procrastination & rollercoasters

Creating your own life gives you unlimited freedom, but the flip side is that it’s easy to get in your own way. In this workshop we explore and look at strategies for managing common issues that self-employed business owners and bloggers face, from doing too much to putting things off.


We’ll also be taking additional challenges and problems that you’d like to see covered, and incorporating them into the workshop where possible.


This workshop will be a mix of support and strategy, and you’ll be navigating this with people who have experienced similar highs and lows themselves and appreciate the rollercoasters of being self-employed.

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Collaborations & relationship building

Finish the year strong by planning for the next. This workshop covers collaborations of all shapes and sizes, from directly working with other people in your industry, to hosting giveaways, events, summits, workshops and even bundles.


We’ll look at the pros and cons of each, what you may want to plan for in 2025, how to minimise the work involved, how to re-purpose, and how to authentically and ethically piggyback off other complementary audiences to build your own and reach your ideal followers and clients.


This workshop is suited to both bloggers and small business owners working online, in-person, or a combination of the two.

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The workshops run throughout 2024. Purchasing a workshop after it’s already been run gives you access to replays, exclusive workshop materials, and our private Slack channel.

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All-Access Season Pass

Unlimited access to all 12 workshops across the year.

♥ Best value – save compared to buying each workshop individually.

♥ Email reminders before each workshop so you can contribute questions and don’t miss out on a date.

♥ Access to all past workshops as replays, plus all downloadable resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the live workshops run?

The workshops will run at various times depending on the location of the host and the time of year. Currently, we’re anticipating a start time of 4pm GMT or BST for most workshops. You can check the time for you here.

Who hosts the workshops?

Jenni will be hosting most of the workshops, although there will be other faces that pop up too!

What do I need to attend online?

Just a computer, tablet or phone with internet connection good enough to livestream, join a video call, or watch a video. Some workshops may require a small amount of preparation, which is detailed in email and our private Slack channel beforehand. Please note we recommend you have your camera on.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll receive an email with more details of what to expect and how to access everything. If you can’t find it and it’s not in your junk, please email sales@lyricalhost.com.

How do I catch up on past workshops?

If you’ve purchased an all-access pass or workshops that have already taken place, follow the link in your email to view previous content, or email sales@lyricalhost.com if you need help!

What if I can no longer attend a workshop?

You can catch up with the workshop and all the included exclusive materials any time you like by following the information in your workshop confirmation email. If you no longer wish to attend a pay-as-you-go or in-person workshop, a refund can be given up to 72 hours prior; please email sales@lyricalhost.com.

Do I need to attend live?

You don’t need to attend live, but for some workshops you may get more from it if you’re there to ask questions specific to your own situation. General questions can be asked after a workshop in our private Slack channel, which runs through the end of 2024.

How do I attend in person?

We’re based at The Createry, which is located at 4 Castle Quay, Nottingham, NG7 1FW. For more details and directions, head to thecreatery.co

What’s the refund policy?

We ask that you waive refund rights for digital products due to their instant nature. If you’d like a refund before attending a workshop, please email sales@lyricalhost.com. Please note that we are unable to give refunds or partial refunds on all-access passes.

I have another question, help!

Please Live Chat with us via the bottom of this page, DM us on X (@lyricalhost), or email sales@lyricalhost.com. If you email and haven’t heard back from us in 24 hours, please try a different contact method to reach us faster!