Tips for organic Instagram growth

Tips For Organic Instagram Growth

This is a guest post by Berry, singer, wife, mom of four, living the blended family life. Berry is passionate about social media marketing, copywriting and content creation. She loves baking and creating recipes for her blog, when she’s not being distracted by shiny objects. Check out Berry’s Instagram

If your goal is to grow your Instagram organically, it’s not surprising that it can seem like a daunting task – because it is! There is so much you need to think of and so much you need to do to make this platform work for you.

From content creation (how do we even do that) to getting people to follow you (it’s free, why is no one following me) it’s understandable why some people want to buy followers. You don’t need to do that. It’s also not worth it. I have been studying and working on my Instagram for quite some time and picked up a few hacks along the way to help make growing your Instagram seem like less of a “mission impossible”. In this post, I’ll be sharing my top tips with you.

The 4 Main Types of Spam

The 4 Main Types Of Spam (& How To Beat Them)

Spam is part and parcel of being a website owner, but fortunately there are lots of different ways to combat it. In this post, we look at the main types of spam you’re likely to encounter, and how to reduce them.

Some spam is inevitable; you’re never going to avoid all of it (if you are you’re also likely to be avoiding some genuine submissions too!), but this is about minimizing it and finding the right balance.

How To Create A Blogging Schedule That Works

How To Create A Blogging Schedule That Works For You

When it comes to blogging schedules, everyone has an opinion. Some people swear by not having a schedule at all, while others swear by working to a fixed schedule.

Both of those approaches are totally fine! The most important thing is that you’re doing what works for you and what makes you happy. This post looks at how to build a schedule that is easy for you to maintain and fills you with joy rather than dread.

Free & Cheap Landing Pages

7 Free & Cheap Ways To Create Landing Pages

If you’ve heard that landing pages are complicated or expensive to create, look no further! This blog post looks at a bunch of different ways you can create landing pages for free or very cheap – no premium funnel subscription needed.

How to set goals for the year ahead

Setting Goals For The Year Ahead

If you’re looking forward to a bright, fresh new year, this is the post for you. A new start can make all the difference…but how do you set goals that will take you beyond early January motivation and through the rest of the year? This post will help you get – and stay! – on track.

Lyrical Host in 2020

Lyrical Host’s 2020: A Summary

2020 has turned out to be a pretty eventful year, to say the least (reminder: it’s totally okay just to have made it, and not started a new banana bread/exercise/world empire!). Like most companies in the northern hemisphere, our original plans quickly went out of the window post spring when the pandemic really started taking hold.

Our original plan was to be a lot more product-focused and release new updates of existing products, services and programs, including our affiliate program. But it quickly transpired that all that was on our minds was, “How can we help people? How can we make them feel more supported?”

So from March onwards, we switched focus. Our new plan was to incorporate fun things to try to take people’s minds off the world for a bit and provide something to look forward to, and useful things to help people pivot, get new projects and businesses off the ground, and generally help and support them however possible.