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Author: Emma

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Instagram Reel Ideas For Bloggers and Businesses

Instagram Reels offers snappy, engaging and easy to watch video. We are bombarded with so much information in our lives that we naturally filter some things out. What catches our attention are things that stand out, provide interest, look interesting or tell a captivating story....

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How To Organize Your Online Life

Running a website, blog or online business can feel like you are doing several different jobs at the same time. Having to be the director, the marketing manager, the social media manager, the accountant as well as the day to day tasks can become overwhelming.

But, by planning in advance, setting recurring tasks and putting in place boundaries, you can organize your online life to reduce the overwhelm. Here’s how.

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AI Tools For Bloggers

You cannot have missed the explosion of AI tools over the last few months. Artificial Intelligence apps, software and websites like ChatGPT are huge news, with their potential to alter how we live, work and play in the future. But how can AI tools help us as bloggers and business owners?