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Instagram Reel Ideas For Bloggers and Businesses

Instagram Reels offers snappy, engaging and easy to watch video. We are bombarded with so much information in our lives that we naturally filter some things out. What catches our attention are things that stand out, provide interest, look interesting or tell a captivating story. Video is a great way to create attention-grabbing content that stops people mid-scroll. 

But coming up with new content ideas for reels can seem a never-ending task. Whether you are a blogger, business owner or service provider, here are some content ideas and prompts you can use to create Reels today. They are broken down into down into broad niches of Lifestyle, Business, Travel, Creative and Coaches, VA’s and Service Providers, but you can adapt any of the topics to fit your niche.

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Lifestyle blogs can cover a lot of subjects and niches. But, whether you blog about your life on a farm, as a new parent or share your love of clothes, people follow lifestyle bloggers for your outlook on your niche and the experiences you have. Sharing your honest opinions and personal choices is why people follow lifestyle bloggers and influencers.

  • X Top Tips for your niche
  • What I Wish I Knew as a Beginner X.
  • Time Saving Tips.
  • Unboxing video. Have you bought something new? Open it on camera!
  • Questions I get asked as a X.
  • My favorite X. This can be a product, place, company, method, technique etc.
  • My pet peeves when it comes to X.
  • My favorite resources. These can be physical items or digital products.
  • Typical day in the life.
  • How I started.


Do you run a business, either physical, online or both? Share your products, services as well as showing people behind the scenes. Let your customers know that you aren’t a faceless corporation, that you have ethics and strong brand values. Imagine you are talking to your ideal customer face to face in a shop or in a meeting; what would you want to talk about?

  • Show your space. This could be a video of your physical space or screen recordings of your website.
  • How I started as a business.
  • What makes us different? Highlight your values and ethos.
  • Reviews. Use text over video or images.
  • Why we love our…add your top selling or flagship product.
  • Top questions we get about X topic.
  • What goes into creating X show details of a product or service.
  • FAQ. Repurpose a carousel post or create new graphics.
  • A day in the life of X. This could be you or an employee/freelancer.
  • Coming soon. Show sneak peeks of new products or services.
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Whether you blog about luxury travel, budget solo trips or local attractions, travel blogging doesn’t always have to mean you need to take a new trip each time you create a Reel.

  • Travel essentials.
  • Roundup of old posts about a certain topic.
  • Budget to luxury options of X.
  • Best footwear/clothing for X.
  • Airport hacks.
  • Favorite views.
  • Places you can’t miss in X.
  • What’s in my travel bag.
  • Eco friendly travel.
  • Accessible traveling.


If you are an artist, designer or small creative business, think of Reels as an extension of your creativity! Use the skills and flair you already have to create exciting and intriguing content. You can show movement in your work that might not come across in a static image, or demonstrate the processes involved. You can also tap into the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) trend, with soothing and satisfying content.

  • Packing reel. Show how you package a product to send to customers.
  • The making of X. What goes into creating your art?
  • My first X tool. Throwback to your first camera, painting set, weaving loom.
  • How long it takes to create X
  • Materials to finished piece. This can be a quick transition Reel
  • Sped-up v real-time creating
  • Why I use X. This can be about materials you use or brand of equipment.
  • Customer images. Use their photos made into a video.
  • Share other creative businesses that your customers might like.
  • Something about you or your business that people might not know.

Coaches, VA’s and Service Providers

People are buying you as much as they are your services, so remember to include a little bit of your own flair and style to reels. Adaptable to many different service niches like social media managers, PR, copywriters etc. When you don’t have physical items to use, you need to get a bit more creative. Utilize graphics and text in your branding to convey your message. How can you show your ideal clients the benefits they would have in working with you?  Think of what that would look like for them and how you can show this in a reel.

  • Common misconceptions about… your niche
  • Why your need a… your niche
  • Tips for outsourcing to…your niche
  • How using a coach can help your business. Highlight how using your service can help.
  • Show common issues faced by clients and how your service can help solve it.
  • Top Tips. Show your expertise with little tips and ideas.
  • Have you been featured in a blog post, podcast or been interviewed about your niche
  • Recommend tools and resources.
  • Time-saving tricks and hacks.
  • Introduce yourself.
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Most of these ideas and prompts can be reused in many different ways even the same idea can be updated for a new month, season or year.

Let use know if you have tried any of these reel ideas? How have they worked for you?

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