Social media scheduling mistakes

8 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Scheduling Social Media

Scheduling your social media posts in advance is a great way to save time and keep consistent with your online presence. But, if you make mistakes in your scheduling you can be left feeling embarrassed, irrelevant, or worse still, annoying your audience.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you’re scheduling social media content ahead of time.

How to beat burnout - tips for bloggers

We Asked Bloggers, “How Do You Deal With Burnout?”

From time to time we crowdsource a blog post from Lyrical Host customers. We pick a topic, and ask them for their best advice or their own experiences on the subject so you can get some great advice from people in your position, or take a walk down memory lane to share their journey.

Ideas for giving back through your blog or business

Easy Ways To Give Back Through Your Blog Or Business

One of our goals when we started Lyrical Host was to give back as a company. We do this in a whole bunch of different ways, but it wasn’t until recently that we were thrilled (and humbled) to learn that we were inspiring other people to do the same.

Since people had a lot of questions about it, we decided to create a post covering some different ways of giving back, and how you can do it even if you just started your blog or business today.

How to make your website & emails more environmentally friendly

How To Reduce Your Digital Carbon Footprint

There are a whole bunch of things in the world we can’t control, especially when it comes to the environment. But what we do have personal responsibility for can still make a much needed difference to the planet.

In this post we look at what you can do to reduce the impact your website, email and other digital habits have on the world. By the end of the post, you should have some inspiration for how you can be more green online, starting right away!