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7 Quick Tips For Faster Blogging

Everyone wants to blog more quickly and efficiently, especially if you struggle to find time for blogging. Here are seven easy tips to boost your blogging game and save time without spending money!

01. Batch your tasks

Instead of doing each blogging task separately for each post you write, batch them together. So for example you could do keyword research for three posts, then images for three posts, then writing three posts, then formatting three posts, then sharing three posts, etc. We have a free guide on all the ins and outs of batching (plus a template with all your common tasks!) here: How to create a blogging schedule that actually works. Note: If you’re a Lyrical Host customer, there’s an updated version of this download in the Resource Library.

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02. Create image templates

Not only does this help you stay consistent, it’s also easy to just replace some text or a background on an image and have a ready-made pin or blog feature image. Simply create the types of image you need for one post, e.g. a Pinterest pin and a featured image, then save as PSDs or duplicate your images in Canva. It should only take a minute to edit them again for each new post you write.

For in-post images, try embedding your Instagram photos from time to time. You don’t have to deal with uploading or optimizing your images, and they make great writing prompts too.

03. Use a low-maintenance theme

Themes that require several specifically-sized images per post, need inline HTML or CSS to make posts look their best, or otherwise require additional tasks can really slow your blogging down. If you write fairly short posts, all you need is a pin image and a header image as a minimum. Even if you do incorporate images, videos, step-by-step guides and so on, you can really speed up your blogging by picking a good theme. Don’t be afraid to try out new looks, because your theme makes a huge difference to your efficiency – and your motivation.

Need some inspiration? Check out 40 Free Feminine WordPress Themes.

04. Try voice-to-text

It’s not for everyone, but your phone’s voice to text feature means you can just speak your blog posts out instead of writing. Bonus? You have a ready-made audio alternative to your blog post, which is easy to upload to your website and great for accessibility.

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If you want an easier introduction to voice-to-text, try just dictating notes to write up later.

05. Make reusable images

Create a batch of general images that will work for any blog post’s featured image, then upload to your media library. You can alternate between them all without it looking repetitive, and it means on days when you just want to write, you can get something up quickly without getting slowed down with images.

06. Write section headings first

One of the biggest things that can slow you down is not being sure what to write about or not having a structure you’re happy with. On the flip side, if you like to plan out your posts step by step, that can also slow you down unnecessarily.

Start your blog post by writing out the key heading sections. You don’t have to have perfectly written headings, just a quick reminder of what each paragraph will be about. This is particularly useful in list posts like this one, because you know how many points to include and what will differentiate them. It’s also a good way to stop your paragraphs being too lengthy and rambling.

07. Set a timer

Creating a sense of urgency for each type of task stops you zoning out or getting distracted. You could even create a sense of pressure by leaving your laptop charger at home or in a different room and challenge yourself to complete particular tasks before your battery runs out.

what are your top tips for faster blogging? Let us know in the comments!

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7 Tips For Faster Blogging

Jenni Brown
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  • 07/17/2018

    Writing section headers really works well for me. I can easily go off track without this.

  • Muriel

    Thank you. I am new to blogging, even though I have written professionally for six years.

  • 08/13/2018

    I feel like I’m spending too much time blogging- this post is definitely going to help me be more productive. Thank you!

  • 10/10/2018

    Thank you for these tips. I find once I get an idea I can write quickly, it’s everything else that is time consuming.

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