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22 Reasons To Join The Blog & Business Squad (By Members!)

Community is such a huge part of what we do here at Lyrical Host, and it’s something we really value. Although we’re active on all the main social networks, there’s nowhere more active than our Facebook group, the Lyrical Host Blog & Business Squad.

As well as exclusive downloads, website and affiliate tips, challenges, and competitions, you’ll find plenty of photos of everyone’s pets, lots of great advice, and people sharing their wins and frustrations. At the end of the day, what makes the community is you.

We asked our group members, “Why should people join the Lyrical Host Blog & Business Squad? What do you like about it?” Here’s what they said.

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“People should join this group as it is full of people who maybe able to help you with any problems you may be having with your blog, as well as loads of generally nice people to chat with. I love being in this group as it makes me feel like Lyrical host really cares and wants to interact with its customers.”

Ali – AlisUpsideDownWorld.com/


“People should join this group because it is friendly and supportive. I like the fact that we look after each other and support each other. Sometimes there are things that this group can answer which then saves me opening a support ticket.”

Marian, MarianWood.com


“No matter what type of blog or website(s) you run, there is always someone who can help and who will help. And when people are willing to help you here, they usually don’t want anything in return- just to help! There are so many different perspectives and experiences, someone is bound to have gone through what you are AND have a potentially different solution that you could try!”

Jessica, AnHistorianAboutTown.com


“It’s friendly and supportive. It doesn’t matter if you have been blogging a year or six we are all treated equally.”

Katrina – OurCollectiveLifeBlog.com/


“I love this group because it’s so supportive and everyone wants to help one another. There are great collaborative ideas almost every day and I’ve gotten great tips.”

Erin – EPMarketingServices.com


“It’s a supportive group and there’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Fiona – FromFiona.com


“We have such a great community of bloggers and website owners! Everyone is so helpful and friendly! I love being a part of such an amazing group!”

Kacie – ABraveStar.com


“People should join this group because it is friendly, there is no judgement, it’s helpful, and it is varied. It isn’t all about our websites!”

Kerry – AJourneyOfFootsteps.com


“I think people should join the Facebook group because you get so much useful information and you have the opportunity to connect with other people who want to create wonderful blogs/websites. I’ve been blogging for many years but I still find great value in being a part of this group. The thing I like the most about the group is the same thing that I love about hosting my blogs with Lyrical Host – The people are genuinely interested in you and helping you.”

Wendy – LifeAndBusinessWithWendy.com


“People should join the Facebook group because it is one of the most (if not THE most) supportive group I am part of. There’s always someone to offer help and advice and Jenni provides such a wealth of useful information that really makes me think of not only what I need to work on blog wise, but WHY it’s important!

I like that the group is different to others I’m a member of as it really has a community feel and everyone is willing to help anyone and everyone else. I also enjoy the fun threads every now and then and the chance to read new blogs outside my niche I wouldn’t ordinarily see.”

Laura Beth – Em-AndMe.com/


“People should join this group for the advice and know how no matter now big or small.What I like personally, everyone is on their own journey with their blog. No ones competing. And everyone is treated with the same respect, no question is ever seen as being too silly.”

Lyndsay-Rose – MyFamilyOfRoses.co.uk


“They should join the group as it is the best place to get advice, bounce ideas off others, and discover new and exciting bloggers and businesses. It’s the most supportive and interactive group and it feels like you have a group of people backing you at every step.

The thing I like most is that it really feels so much like a community. It’s very rare for any business to feel so inclusive and engaging, but the group really promotes a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. It’s so nice to connect with the humans behind a company name too, and has really made me feel so strongly about Lyrical Host. I’m so glad to be their customer!”

Beth – AdventureAndAnxiety.com


“This is a great group of supportive website owners and techie whizzkid admins! There are lots of ideas and tips which make it really useful.”

Ali – DiaryOfADetour.com


“No matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, there are so many amazing tips and ideas shared that everyone will benefit.

The amazing collaborative feel to the group sparks an abundance of creativity. Whether it’s a member brainstorming business names, someone hunting themes or a weird issue coming up, the ideas and suggestions each lead to MORE ideas and suggestions, and I always feel empowered when I drop in for a chat.”

Amy – AmyHopkinsAuthor.com


“This group is the best way to connect with other like-minded individuals growing their business. The support, advice, encouragement and random secret business tips you gain from joining this FB group is just amazing!”

Frances – InspiringLifeDreams.com


“Lyrical Host users should join this group because the support system is amazing and everyone looks out for each other. What I love the most is that we can freely ask questions and have an answer within minutes!”

Melissa – TheDulcetMama.com


“This group is a wonderful, friendly, helpful group of supportive people. No question is too hard or too trivial. The people in the group are always willing to help and give advice and ideas. It feels like a group of friends tossing around ideas and solving problems.”

Marilyn – TrembelingArt.com


“I like being in the group because it reminds me I’m not the only one struggling with my blog. And my life. And I feel I’ve learned things!”

DS George-Jones – DSavannah.com/blog


“Lyrical Host’s FB group has replaced the morning paper for me. I absolutely love it for these reasons…

– The posts are informative and motivational
– Despite being a distraction, the group keeps me focused
– Some of the best things I’ve discovered on the web was from advice from another group member.
– It’s like having a business coach
– Relaxing Tea Time vibe”

Michelle – BloggingLearn.com


“I like this group because we get quality posts, the other members are very nice and helpful. Jenni and Joe are very active. Whenever we need help, they’re here. I feel like I am in a big family where no one gets left out.

People should join because…seriously, there’s no better group if you need help, honesty and a true community. I’m in quite a few groups and this is the best.”

Diana – OurBlindLife.com


“For all the reasons I love hosting with Lyrical, I’m in this group. Jenni and Joe actually, truly care about their members. It doesn’t feel like being a customer of a company but of being part of a supportive network.”

Marie – JustPlainCooking.ca and JustPlainMarie.ca


If you’d love to join these awesome people (and many more!), come join us over at facebook.com/groups/lyricalhost. See you on the other side!


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