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What to check before installing a WordPress plugin - image of padlocks

What To Check Before Installing A WordPress Plugin

Plugins can add amazing functionality to your WordPress website and contribute a lot towards its success. But the downside is that they can potentially introduce headaches for you in terms of support, security, and slowdowns. Here’s what to look for in a plugin before installing and activating it on your website.

21 Ideas For Celebrating Your Blog's Birthday

21 Fun Ideas For Celebrating Your Blog’s Birthday

A blog’s birthday is always something to celebrate. You’ve hit another milestone, learned a ton, and made a lot of great memories. Here are some fun ideas to celebrate any blogging birthday – pick one, mix and match a few, or go crazy and do all of them. The choice is yours!

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27 Epic Websites For Free & Cheap Design Resources

Free and cheap web design resources are a great way to save you time and hassle, regardless of whether you’re a professional designer or not. Things like fonts, presets, mockups and templates are easy to use and help you fast track your way to a website and social media channels that feel consistent without having to painstakingly design or edit everything individually.

The design resources niche has grown incredibly quickly, and there are plenty of free and cheap resource websites with all kinds of beautiful goodies on offer, so we’ve rounded up our favorites for you.