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Author: Jenni

Year in Review

2019: Lyrical Host’s Year In Review

Just like 2017 and 2018, 2019 has been a busy old year for us here at Lyrical HQ.

The biggest thing we did this year was launch our flagship course, Navigating SEO (to rave reviews!), but there are a lot of other things we’ve done too.

This post looks back at some of the things we’ve done in 2019…outside of welcoming hundreds of new people to the Lyrical Host family, creating a wealth of blog posts, support articles and videos, posting thousands of tweets, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pins, and of course answering thousands of support tickets!

How To Create A Great Black Friday Buying Guide

How To Create A Great Black Friday Buying Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great time to earn affiliate commission. People are in the mood for buying – especially from the warmth, quiet and comfort of their own home! – so you don’t need to push for a sale. The most important thing is to create an appealing buying guide and market it well to get ahead of the competition.

This post takes you through planning, creating and promoting a Black Friday buying guide for any niche…whether you already have an audience or not!