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Author: Jenni

Unusual sources for developing your selling skills

7 Unusual Sources To Improve Your Selling Skills

Whether you’re creating a landing page, preparing a workshop, writing copy, or telling someone in person about your blog or business, it can sometimes feel kind of awkward.

Even if you’ve read tons of books and blog posts, watched videos and listened to podcasts, it’s still very different to be hearing about someone’s experience or approach compared to seeing it first hand and figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and what could help you.

Public Speaking & Presenting Tips

21 Tips For Presenting & Public Speaking (Lives, Talks & More)

If you haven’t done it much (or ever!) before, speaking at an event or doing a Live can be pretty daunting. It’s easy to overthink things, and unfortunately the best way around it is to just bite the bullet and do it. The more practise you have, the more comfortable and normal it will feel – it’s just being brave enough to put yourself out there!