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Author: Jenni

Halloween Contest

(Closed) Enter our Trick or Treat Halloween Contest!

Things are more than a bit unusual this year, so we’ve decided to run a little virtual trick or treat contest to make up for missing out on real trick or treating!

Simply spin the wheel and it’ll land on “Trick” or “Treat”…what happens after that? You’ll have to spin to find out 😉

How To Set Image Previews For Social Media Networks

How To Add & Update Social Image Previews In WordPress

One question we’re asked a lot is, “How do I change the preview image for my blog post when I’m sharing it on Facebook or Twitter?” In some cases, people changed their mind or want to update the existing image and/or text description. In other cases, it may be that no image shows at all.

It’s not immediately obvious how to do this in WordPress, and the terms social networks use aren’t things people would think to search for (they’re known as “Open Graph” images and “Twitter cards” among other things), so it’s not you – don’t worry!

This post explains how to set preview images on social networks, and force through new updates with networks that still show your old images.