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The Complete Site Speed Resources Roundup

Over time we’ve created a collection of articles and resources designed to help people optimize the speed of their blog or website.

As each website is very different, using cookie cutter solutions is never the best route; in fact, sometimes, they can even make your speed worse. Although people give advice in good faith, many people – even experts! – often suggest things that aren’t the best for your specific site. For that reason, our articles, downloads and courses all encourage you to learn enough about site speed that you can optimize your own site and make the best decisions for it moving forward.

Everything we’ve created is designed for non-techy people; all you need to get started is a basic level knowledge of WordPress (for example how to upload images to your Media Library).

As we create more resources, we’ll add them to this list so it stays up to date. If you’re a Lyrical Host customer and have any questions or need help, please create or add to your support ticket via the Hub.

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Getting Started With Site Speed Optimization

If you’ve never thought about optimizing your WordPress website speed before, this is the place to start with some basics.

Most people tend to upload images directly from their phone or computer, letting an image optimization plugin do the work. But, you need to resize and pre-optimize before uploading, as a plugin will only do so much. “How To Optimize Your Images For The Web” takes you through the hows and whys. This is a quick way to get started with some basics if you’re concerned about feeling too overwhelmed.

“The Bloggers’ Guide To Speed Optimization” is a great overview post which works as a non-techy whistle-stop tour of allll the main things you need to look for. As long as you have a WordPress website you’ll be able to make use of it – it’s not just for blogs!

If you’ve been using Google PageSpeed Insights to measure your site speed, we have an article on the disadvantages of that and what (free) tools you can use instead.

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Finally, we wrap up this section with the most common site speed mistakes bloggers make. Check out the links to everything below!

How To Optimize Your Images For The Web

The Blogger’s Guide To WordPress Speed Optimization

Why You Should Ignore Google PageSpeed Insights

The Most Common Site Speed Mistakes Bloggers Make



The Core Web Vitals Collection

Google started using some select user experience metrics in its algorithm. While they’re only very tiny factors and rarely affect rankings from what we see, these posts go through everything you need to know and how to check and improve your scores. As always, if you’re a Lyrical Host customer, just create a support ticket if you have questions or need help!

What Bloggers Need To Know About Google Core Web Vitals

How Much Time To Spend On Core Web Vitals As A Blogger



Lyrical Courses

Speed Boost previewOur Speed Boost course consists of technophobe-friendly, easy to follow lessons you can do at your own pace. They’re all text-based so it’s easy to search through them, and you can complete the course from your phone, tablet or computer.

Speed Boost is THE place to go if you want to learn everything about speed optimization for your WordPress website. It’s free for all our current customers (just raise a support ticket), or you can purchase Speed Boost at a very affordable price if you’re not. The course can be bought or recommended with an affiliate link too.

After taking Speed Boost, students have not only been able to massively improve their own site speed, some have even started offering it as a service to their clients, too!



In the Resource Library

Speed Boost PDF shown on stack of magazines with coffee cup Haven’t got time for the full Speed Boost course?

If you’re a Lyrical Host customer, the second best option is a PDF in our Resource Library (the link to it and the details are in your Welcome email, or if you don’t have that to hand, please create a ticket with our support team).

Called “Speed Boost Fast Track,” it has everything you need to know in one comprehensive free download, including the information from Speed Boost on how to run a proper site speed test, understand the results like a pro, and make positive changes to your site speed as a result.

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