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What To Expect From Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 At Lyrical Host

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are typically the times of year when hosting companies slash their prices and run big sales, offers, and discounts. But in the typical Lyrical Host way, we do things differently.

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If you’ve ever been frustrated that you’ve been loyal to a company for years but they only give new customers good deals, or you’ve joined them only to see them do a big sale just after, you’re not alone. We strongly believe in recognizing loyalty, which is why we don’t do big Black Friday hosting deals for new customers. In fact, we don’t do big hosting sales at all (if you’d like a discount, have a search for Lyrical Host discount codes in search engines or on social media and you’ll make one of our lovely affiliates very happy!).

We also don’t have sneakily priced products and add-ons, charge extra for things that should be included as standard, tell you to hire a developer for WordPress-specific tech support questions, increase prices on renewal, or charge loyal customers more. Those are non-negotiables for us (and some of the main ways that companies often make up sale money!)


But won’t you lose money by not running a web hosting sale?

Yes. But we’d always choose to have one new customer who understands us and our family and becomes a valuable part of our community instead of ten who don’t. While we always love welcoming new people to the Lyrical Host family, it’s crucial to us that they’re the right people. The people who fit into our family best are people who care about their website having a solid home for life, who love what we’re doing, who are interested in being part of a community of like-minded dreamers and doers.

We’re lucky enough not to have investors, shareholders, or a board of directors hassling us for more sales or more growth. Because we like to have personal, one-to-one relationships with people in the Lyrical Host family, our focus is on creating a community of people we genuinely love chatting with and who want to build relationships with each other too. We build each other up, help each other out, and succeed together. A lot of our customers have developed true friendships, hired each other, shared knowledge and gained it, and that’s one of the things we love most about what we do.

Not only does this help our family get stronger and better over time, it also means you have better neighbors. Neighbors who aren’t looking for the cheapest possible hosting and email so they can spam, phish, scam, get servers blacklisted, and get your site associated with a poor neighborhood. The Lyrical Host family consists of smart, talented, interesting people, and we always want it to be that way. We want people in our family who care about helping us plant trees, support education for girls in Mozambique, and improve the world’s oceans. We want people in our family who care about their neighbors, both online and offline.


What are you doing instead?

We still love to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and so each year we do something a bit different. This time around we’re holding a digital pop up shop for a limited time only! We’ll have a bunch of super cheap blogging & business goodies for anyone to buy over the weekend, and naturally affiliate commission will be available.

The pop up shop will have a range of options, so if you’re on a small budget you can still get something good for a few dollars, and if you have a bit more to spend, there will be bulk buy options available too. You don’t need to be a Lyrical Host customer to grab a bargain or join our affiliate program if you’re interested in promoting our one stop shop…everyone is more than welcome!

In addition to that, we’ll also have a completely free bumper resource bundle hitting all hosting customer inboxes at the beginning of December as a thank you for your loyalty and in celebration of Thanksgiving. If you’re planning to become a new hosting customer, you’ll want to sign up before December 3 so you don’t miss out!


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Black Friday & Cyber Monday At Lyrical Host

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