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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Bloggers

This is a guest post by Annie Chopra, an author and entrepreneur. She specializes in the fields of content creation and marketing and is currently running digital media brand She TheQueen to empower women across the globe. Annie loves to travel, read, and write.


Social media is growing every single day, it’s almost impossible to meet someone who doesn’t own an Instagram account. While the rise of social media and content has given a platform to writing enthusiasts through blogging, it can still be hard to focus on our own blog. A lot of us spend hours scrolling through our social media feeds and reading articles by other bloggers only to critic ourselves in the harshest manner. I have been there too. Comparing yourself to other bloggers is extremely normal in a work field that’s taking over the internet. However, many times these comparisons can get to us, making us feel lonely and defeated. This is why it is so necessary to break the glass of comparison and focus on our own blogs and successes.

Celebrating yourself as a blogger is a big step towards self-satisfaction, so, here is how I finally got there.

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Steps To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Bloggers


1. Identify the source
The first step you need to take requires a lot of introspection. But, trust me, once you get through this every other point will seem like a piece of cake. All comparisons have an original fear. Sometimes, this can be as simple as being fearful of embarrassment, you want a reason to not do it because you are scared, so why not look at how amazing everyone else is and how badly you will suck. Another reason can be procrastination, you are looking at other blogs and how fabulous they are and therefore yours needs to be perfect. However, perfection is subjective and can never really be achieved, so you are just fooling yourself. Do any of these sound like you? If yes, great go on to the next step. If not, try to dig deeper and identify exactly what’s making you feel insecure about your blog.

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2. List your goals and go back to your purpose
Now that you have identified your fears and the source of the comparison, you need to remind yourself why you started blogging in the first place. Firstly remember, there was a reason why you wanted to use your voice on a public platform. You had a story you wanted to tell, so what is
stopping you from telling that story? Going back to your purpose will help you understand why this blog is so important to you. So, now that you remember your purpose, you need to remind yourself that that purpose is personal to you. No one in this world can ever tell your story or your
experiences. Therefore, if you are a mom blogger and feel like everyone is doing it, remember they are different people with different experiences. The world needs your story too.


3. Work on your insecurities
As much as you wish that just knowing your purpose and goals could help you stop comparing yourself to other bloggers, it usually takes a little more than that. Sure, the last step has given you the push of inspiration that you required. However, you still need to work on the insecurities you identified in the first point, otherwise, they will come haunting back in a couple of months. There will always be a variety of ways of handling each one of our distinct fears. For example, if your problem is that you are too scared to step outside of your box, you need to take a small step outside your comfort zone. If you are suffering from imposter syndrome, you have to remind yourself of your uniqueness and all the reasons no one else can be you.


4. Use the Law Of Attraction and Affirmations
By now, you probably have a good idea of why you are comparing yourself to other bloggers. It’s time benefit from all this knowledge that you have acquired. The Law of Attraction has been very famous recently, and the basic idea behind it is that you attract what you constantly think of. Additionally, affirmations are a way to use the law of attraction, they are phrases that start with the word “I.” Hence, whatever your goals are you replace it into present tense and use personal pronouns. For example, say your goal is “Achieve 2500 monthly views on blog” you change it to “I have 2500 monthly views on my blog.” This is a great way to inspire positive thinking and give yourself some more confidence. If you want to know more you can always read the Power of Positive Thinking or watch “The Secret” documentary on Netflix.

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5. Create or Join a Support Group
The best way to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers is by becoming their best friend. Sounds strange right? But, think about it, would you really compare your situations to what your best friend is going through, knowing that you both live completely different lives? There are so many ways you can become friends with other bloggers; you can join a Facebook group or an Instagram comment pod, you could even approach someone directly via email or message. Moreover, having a support group will make you feel included and help you realize that a lot of the bloggers are going through the same thing as you. Also, almost the whole community is supportive and shares their tips on groups and even helps hype each other’s blogs. Therefore, this can also be beneficial as a marketing tactic.

Now that you know your insecurities, your purpose, you goals, and your community, you will soon enough stop comparing yourself to other bloggers and start celebrating your own wins. Being a blogger is hard work but it is also extremely rewarding. You get to connect with so many different people and have a voice on what you feel is important. It’s time to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers and celebrating all the victories you are going to have. Keep blogging, be patient, and stay focused, it will all be worth it.

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