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AI Tools For Bloggers

You cannot have missed the explosion of AI tools over the last few months. Artificial Intelligence apps, software and websites like ChatGPT are huge news, with their potential to alter how we live, work and play in the future. But how can AI tools help us as bloggers and business owners?

We have put together a rundown of some of the potentially useful AI tools for bloggers, however they are suggestions and we are not necessarily endorsing or recommending them. AI is still new, and will undoubtedly change the way we will live to some degree. This information is correct as of the end of May 2023, however the technology is changing and updating on an almost daily basis.

It is also worth remembering that AI still relies on human input, and the clarity and precision of that input will to some degree affect the output. Ask a vague question, and the response might fill in the gaps in ways you might not want it to!

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AI Writing Tools For Bloggers

ChatGPT – Free / Paid

We can’t discuss AI tools without first mentioning ChatGPT. It can produce both formal and informal text, instructions and even code. Has a familiar chat style interface and can remember a conversation and learn from the interaction. It is currently a free research preview, available on the web and as a mobile app. The AI was trained using a huge body of text including Wikipedia, science journals, books and news articles. Up until recently this information only went up to 2021 and it didn’t have access to the internet, but a recent update allows the chat to access the web via Microsoft Bing. This is an automatic update for Plus subscribers and works via a plugin for free users.

Jasper AI – Paid

Jasper is similar to ChatGPT, but is aimed more at content creation, and uses templates to create copy for specific purposes, such as blog posts or emails. It learns from your writing style, voice and brand style and can rewrite old text, even improving on existing content. Jasper also has the ability to create AI imagery, has a built in plagiarism checker and can access the internet via plugins. It also has the functionality to collaborate with colleagues.

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Quillbot – Paid

Quillbot is an AI tool designed to help rephrase and edit existing copy. It can shorten bodies of text, add variety, check grammar and change the tone. It is ideal when you want to repurpose a piece of writing but not have identical content. This not only helps from an SEO perspective, but can help to make your content work for different platforms. There are additional extensions that can help with research and creating citations for academic writing.

AI Image and Photography Tools For Bloggers

Adobe Firefly – Free

Currently in Beta testing, Firefly creates images and text effects. You can start from a text prompt or even a rough sketch, which along with options for styles, lighting and output ratio Firefly uses to generate imagery. It is still in the early stages and is only available for non-commercial use, however Adobe’s plans include integrations with the full Creative Cloud suite, including video.

Magic Studio – Free / Paid

A full suite of photo editing tools, Magic Studio is perfect for beginners. The software aims to be a magic wand for your images, helping you create profile photos, product images, and graphic illustrations. It is quick and easy to use, but still has the potential for more advanced techniques. Some tools are free to use, others are low cost.

Midjourney – Paid

A text to image AI tool, capable of creating incredible imagery. Midjourney is run via Discord, the voice and text chat service. You can ask the AI to create images in any style, to be hyper-realistic or more illustrative and set different parameters for the output. As with most AI tools, the quality of the result is really dependent on the prompt given. Price’s start from $10 per month.

AI Video Tools For Bloggers

Runway – Free / Paid

Runway is a tool that allows you to turn a text, image or video prompt into a stunning film. You can combine a series of images into an animation, magically erase objects from video, blur faces on video and even remove the background all in a few clicks. Basic tools are free, with paid options for the high end editing capabilities and adding additional team members.

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SlidesAI – Free / Paid

Need to create a presentation? Give SlidesAI a text prompt, choose from color and font presets or add a custom style. Slides AI is actually a Google SLides extension, meaning you are working within the familiar workspace. The basic plan is free, and allows you to create up to three presentations per month. Paid plans include up to 10 presentations and a higher word count.

Synthesia.io – Paid

Create your own unique AI video avatar with Synthesia, either a virtual version of yourself, or choose from 125 culturally diverse avatars in over 120 different languages. Ideal for corporate, sales, education and internal communications videos and training.

AI Productivity Tools For Bloggers

Timelyapp – Paid

If you need to track your time on projects, working for clients or on certain tasks. Timely automatically tracks time spent on certain web and apps without any input from you. It can also help you see where you are spending your time. Perfect for freelancers and VA’s.

Formula.bot – Free/ Paid

Even if numbers and math are not your thing, there may be times you need to create spreadsheets and be able to pull information from them. Working with both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, tell FormulaBot what you want to achieve and it will give you the correct formula. Just copy and paste into your sheet.

Trevor – Free / Paid

If you are overwhelmed with an ever increasing to-do list, Trevor might be for you. Trevor connects your Google or Outlook calendar and to your to-do list. Tell it what you want to achieve and Trevor will suggest suitable times. It also has the ability to learn about your schedule and automatically assign durations for tasks. There is the ability to create actions plans and time block to create more structure in your work life.

Have you used any of these AI tools and apps for your blog or business?

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