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5 Ways A Creative Virtual Assistant Can Fast-Track Your Business

This is a guest post by Willow Paule, a creative virtual assistant and freelance photographer. In Willow’s free time she enjoys photographing diverse festivals and working on creative projects at home.

Are you a small business owner who’s pulled in too many directions? Handing off creative projects to a seasoned virtual assistant is a good way to get more done and banish that desperate feeling about your to-do list.

A reliable and creative virtual assistant will help you get the work done expertly. And you’ll be able to focus on the essential work only you should be doing.

Here are five ways working with a creative virtual assistant can make you more effective.

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1. Virtual assistants work with many programs and apps to ensure both their creative contribution and on-time delivery of work.

Virtual assistants typically serve more than one client. This requires excellent organizational skills coupled with plenty of the real-world problem-solving that creatives need.

Sure, you can learn to do anything, but considering the time it takes to become expert in every aspect of your business, is it worth it? Wouldn’t you rather focus on those parts of your business that need your involvement and that you love?

Learning deep programs like Photoshop or Lightroom takes time and effort. Even free graphic programs like Canva take time to understand and navigate. A creative virtual assistant has already invested time in learning many of these programs. And a good virtual assistant is a curious person who’s also a quick study, ready to adopt new tools when needed.

What does this mean for your business? Creative virtual assistants can take over projects that eat up your valuable time.

For instance, they are adept at repurposing information you’ve shared on your blog to create social media posts –tailoring it for each platform, emails for your list, video scripts and other materials. They can also source photos that match your brand for blog posts, social media, and emails.

Once your virtual assistant has finished, you’ll approve the work before it’s shared. You can feel secure in the fact that the materials your VA has developed will represent you and your brand well. Once your VA develops a working rapport and sense of your mission, handoffs and projects will go well.

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2. It often doesn’t take a creative virtual assistant long to understand the parameters of your project.

You might be concerned that it will take you too much time to communicate projects to a virtual assistant. However, capable virtual assistants easily work with a variety of  communication styles. Although it helps the relationship if you are clear about your expectations, virtual assistants are adept at asking the right questions and anticipating  hurdles.


3. A creative virtual assistant on your team can help spark your own creativity.

Virtual assistants have usually worked with a range of businesses and may have even owned their own enterprises. That seasoning can translate into a wealth of ideas. A virtual assistant can help you brainstorm ideas, then make them happen.


4. Virtual assistants make sense for small businesses

Virtual assistants pay their own taxes and insurance and have their own computers and work tools. You usually don’t have to insure them, and, in most cases, you don’t have to train them. If they don’t know a particular program, they will learn to use it quickly.

Many virtual assistants work on a retainer basis. In this scenario, you agree on a number of hours in advance. The virtual assistant will keep you updated on your remaining time regularly. Each month, the hours refresh.

In other cases, virtual assistants work on a project basis or based on a specific outcome such as completing a certain number of social media or blog posts per month, for instance.

The great thing about working with a virtual assistant is that you only pay for the time you need; there’s no full or part-time employee to pay during down time. You can discuss what payment approach works best for you with virtual assistant candidates. Get the help you need while committing to only what you can afford.


Virtual assistants have a vested interest in your success; it means more work for them. Most virtual assistants are genuinely excited and take pride in helping move your business forward. Having your glowing recommendation when they approach other clients is another incentive for doing great work.


5. A skilled virtual assistant excels at communication.

A concern business owners have about working with virtual assistants is the potential for communication issues. However, this hurdle can be addressed by clearly defining your needs  from the outset. How will you assign projects and tasks? Do you need weekly video meetings? If your expectations are clear and your virtual assistant is in sync, projects should come in on time with great results. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, finding a creative virtual assistant could be your next smart move.

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Willow Paule is a creative virtual assistant who has also operated a freelance photography business since 2009. She’ll put her small-business experience to work in helping you with problem-solving and creative projects. Follow this link to get in touch for a free consultation or visit her website for more info.


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5 Ways A Creative Virtual Assistant Can Fast-Track Your Business

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