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6 Ways To Use Drafts Beyond Just Blog Posts

Do you only use your blog’s draft functionality to save unfinished blog posts? This post covers six other creative ways to use drafts on your blog!

Why should you use post drafts for things that aren’t blog posts? The main advantage is that you (and anyone you work with) can easily access the information any time, anywhere. If you run multiple websites or have an overflowing Dropbox, it also means you can find information specific to your specific website quickly and easily. No need to hunt through folders or your notes app, or worse still, suddenly remember the file you need is on an old computer or hard drive.

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Here’s our list…let us know what you think in the comments!

01. List blog post ideas

One of my favorite things to do is keep a single draft of all my blog post ideas/titles. Very often when I’m writing a post I think of new post ideas, so it’s easy to open a new tab and add them to my post ideas draft. This way I don’t forget the idea and it’s not distracting me from my current post. If squirrel brain is a thing for you, this is a lifesaver!

Tip: Start your draft with a number or special character (e.g. 01 or ❤), so it’s easier to spot.

02. Save hashtag sets

This is especially useful if your social media scheduling tool doesn’t have the ability to save hashtag sets for you. This is especially useful for Instagram and Pinterest, and also reminds you to share your posts after publishing.

Use a hashtag generator like Display Purposes to generate handy sets and strip banned hashtags out automatically, or check out our post: 500 Best Instagram Hashtags For Bloggers.

03. Create a blog-specific to do list

If you have lists everywhere, it really helps to have a specific to do list that just relates to your blog. Having it as a draft means you know where it is and always have it to hand if you’re planning to work on your blog tasks unexpectedly, for example while traveling or from your phone. It’s also ideal if you find yourself overwhelmed or distracted by non-blog things on your to do list, because it’s totally separate!

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04. Develop a “smile file”

Blogging and running a business is hard work. It’s never all sunshine and rainbows. So a blog post draft is a good place to keep a “smile file” – a place where you’ve pasted some of your favorite blog comments, social media compliments, and emails from visitors, customers, and other companies. It goes a long way towards cheering you up on a rainy day.

Tip: As an extra plus, having everything in one place makes it easier to use quotes for testimonials or your media kit.

05. Build an evergreen post list

Do you ever read a question on social media and think, “I have a blog post that answers that!” If so, a draft is a good place to keep a list of URLs for your most popular/evergreen content. That way, when a particular topic or question comes up, you don’t have to bother searching around for the link. It’s also great for quickly finding related posts/URLs to link to when you’re writing a new post.


06. List places to promote

If you promote your blog in Facebook groups, forums, or on other websites, having a list of niche-specific places you can promote your posts is great to have to hand. For example, for a Facebook group, you could list the URL and the days promotion is allowed, or simply list the days of the week and the relevant groups underneath each one.

Tip: Paste URLs in then hit preview to have an easily clickable list.


And there you have it. Six ways to use your blog’s draft functionality for more than just drafts!

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6 Creative Ways To Use Drafts Beyond Just Blog Posts

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