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How to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Bloggers

This is a guest post by Annie Chopra, an author and entrepreneur. She specializes in the fields of content creation and marketing and is currently running digital media brand She TheQueen to empower women across the globe. Annie loves to travel, read, and write.


Social media is growing every single day, it’s almost impossible to meet someone who doesn’t own an Instagram account. While the rise of social media and content has given a platform to writing enthusiasts through blogging, it can still be hard to focus on our own blog. A lot of us spend hours scrolling through our social media feeds and reading articles by other bloggers only to critic ourselves in the harshest manner. I have been there too. Comparing yourself to other bloggers is extremely normal in a work field that’s taking over the internet. However, many times these comparisons can get to us, making us feel lonely and defeated. This is why it is so necessary to break the glass of comparison and focus on our own blogs and successes.

Celebrating yourself as a blogger is a big step towards self-satisfaction, so, here is how I finally got there.