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Ideas for your blogging newsletter

25 Quick & Easy Ideas For Your Blog’s Next Newsletter

One of the best ways to get people subscribing to and engaging with your blog’s newsletter is to include some exclusive content along with links to your posts. If they go directly to your blog to read your posts anyway, there’s no reason for them to subscribe to your newsletter just to get the same links – so how you can make sure they stay subscribed, engaged, and interested?

Simple But Important Things To Do When Starting Your Blog

3 Simple But Important Things To Do When Starting A Blog

We can all look back over our lives and say that we wish we had done this or that differently. Like I wish I had started saving money in my 20s instead of waiting until my 30s. And I wish that I had never eaten that whole bag of cotton candy in one go!

With blogging, it’s the same way! There are so many things that if I could go back in time, I would tell myself to do differently right from the start.