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How To Disclose Affiliate Links

If you’re a member of any affiliate programs (including the Lyrical Host Affiliate Program!) you’re responsible for declaring any affiliate links and any content you have a commercial connection to or may be compensated for.

Several years ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) introduced requirements for online advertising that include rules on how affiliates should disclose their commercial interests online. While the FTC advises that their rules are in place for US-based audiences and consumers, many countries have similar guidelines. The reality is that as a responsible website owner and affiliate, you want to abide by these guidelines for all your visitors and followers because you can’t control the citizenship of the people seeing your posts, and in the interests of being trusted and transparent.

The good news is that compliancy is straightforward and easy. This blog post explains what you need to do, so let’s get started!

How to write amazing meta descriptions

How To Write A Great Meta Description

Writing a great meta description involves both art and science, and in this blog post we cover everything you need to know about what you should include, traps to avoid, and how to go about writing and adding meta descriptions to your website.

Best photography apps for Android and iPhone

5 Of The Best Apps To Improve Your Smartphone Photos

There used to be a time when editing software was expensive and the idea of creating beautiful images was exclusive to the pros. Now however, mobile technology is giving everyday people the ability to create stunning photos for your website and social media channels. There are plenty of stock photos available for free on the web, but if you can make your own it’s even better (and way more satisfying)!