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How to set goals for the year ahead

Setting Goals For The Year Ahead

If you’re looking forward to a bright, fresh new year, this is the post for you. A new start can make all the difference…but how do you set goals that will take you beyond early January motivation and through the rest of the year? This post will help you get – and stay! – on track.

How To Set Image Previews For Social Media Networks

How To Add & Update Social Image Previews In WordPress

One question we’re asked a lot is, “How do I change the preview image for my blog post when I’m sharing it on Facebook or Twitter?” In some cases, people changed their mind or want to update the existing image and/or text description. In other cases, it may be that no image shows at all.

It’s not immediately obvious how to do this in WordPress, and the terms social networks use aren’t things people would think to search for (they’re known as “Open Graph” images and “Twitter cards” among other things), so it’s not you – don’t worry!

This post explains how to set preview images on social networks, and force through new updates with networks that still show your old images.

How to stop content theft

How To Stop Content Theft (& What To Do If It Happens)

When you publish your own content on your website, it’s automatically protected by copyright law. This means it’s never okay to use images or text from other websites without written permission, even if it’s been published on social media or displays in Google Images. You may embed content where the creator has allowed it, for example embedding someone else’s YouTube video or Instagram image on your website using the embed code provided by the social network (which includes credit and links).

Unfortunately, there are always people out there who will take advantage of your words, images, and other content to use on their own website or to drive traffic to it. In this post, we look at some ways you can make it harder for thieves to steal your content, and what you can do about it if it does happen.