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Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (T&C, Terms, or Agreement) apply to your participation in the Affiliate Program offered by Lyrical Host (we, us, our) or any of our affiliated entities. The Affiliate Program (the Program) allows you (the Affiliate, your) to promote Lyrical Host’s services and receive commissions as set out below. The Terms and Conditions incorporate by reference our standard terms located at https://www.lyricalhost.com/terms. By registering as an affiliate you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree, please do not participate in the Lyrical Host Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Commission

1. As a Lyrical Host affiliate, you may earn a one­-time referral commission (“Reward”) each time a referred customer makes a purchase of any hosting plan. No commission is issued for domain name purchases, domain privacy, Extended SSL Certificates, or other add-ons.

2. All orders must be for the purchase of Lyrical Host hosting services by a customer who a) arrives at LyricalHost.com or Hub.LyricalHost.com by clicking on your affiliate tracking link (and therefore maintains an active cookie), and/or uses your discount code at checkout, b) completes the signup process within 182 days of clicking on the affiliate tracking link, and c) maintains an active paid account with Lyrical Host for a minimum of 91 days.

3. In the event that multiple affiliates refer the same unique customer, only the last referrer before the customer orders or the personal validated discount code accepted for Lyrical Host services will receive credit for the referral.

4. We track affiliate sales automatically by the use of cookies when you use your affiliate link. The cookies are placed in the browser of the user that clicks on the affiliate link to reach our website, or when an affiliate discount code is applied at checkout. Each cookie is stored for 90 days. If there is a previous affiliate cookie in the same user’s browser the new cookies will overwrite it. Lyrical Host is not responsible for cookies deleted by users.

5. Your affiliate account must be active at the time of the sale.

6. We reserve the right to mark any sale as invalid at our own discretion.

Affiliate Referrals

7. Referred customers must maintain an active hosting service during any free trial and/or money­back guarantee periods applicable in order for the affiliate Reward to be considered earned. Affiliates will not receive Rewards from customers who cancel/disable their hosting service, receive a refund, have outstanding invoices, or become suspended or terminated for any reason during these free trial and/or money­back guarantee periods or within 90 days of placing their order.

8. Commission will be not be confirmed if the referring customer objects to the claim or we have information that more recently attributes the sale to another advertising channel.

9. The customer you refer must not have signed up for an affiliate account with us before.

10. The referred customer must still maintain an active account after 90 days, with an active domain name or a domain name pointed to one of our servers, and a website with user-created content (i.e. unique content that isn’t auto-created by installer software) for the referral to be considered valid.

11. Sales of hosting accounts that are cancelled by the customer within 90 days of ordering or suspended by Lyrical Host for any reason do not qualify for an affiliate commission. Accounts with overdue invoices will have affiliate commission released once the balance is fully paid.

Affiliate Restrictions and Responsibilities

12. Affiliates are required to disclose and keep an up to date record of all channels through which they promote Lyrical Host services within their Affiliate Dashboard. This includes but is not limited to: their website(s), third party websites, forums, and public social media channels.

13. Lyrical Host does not accept the following websites or social media channels in the affiliate program: “coupon/discount code only”, “hosting reviews only”, and websites with little to no useful content that exist purely to generate affiliate sales. We reserve the right to deactivate any account that we deem uses or lists a website falling into the aforementioned categories at our sole discretion.

14. Affiliates must remove or amend any content related to or mentioning Lyrical Host on channels they control within 72 hours of any request from Lyrical Host.

15. Affiliates may not sign up customers themselves or complete the order process on behalf of others, even with their permission.

16. Only one affiliate account may be registered per person. Customers cannot refer themselves, their partner or anyone else based at the same address or with the same payment or contact details. No exceptions will be made. Violations can result in the loss of all accrued Rewards and dismissal from the program.

17. Affiliates may not resell hosting. All referred customers must provide their own payment method and contact information to be a Qualified Purchase. If Lyrical Host determines in its sole discretion that an Affiliate is reselling hosting, the affiliate account will be immediately deactivated.

18. You should not take actions or make recommendations to your referrals that result in a potential revenue loss for Lyrical Host.

Ethical Requirements

19. At Lyrical Host we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, and as an affiliate we require you to follow the same standards.

20. You do not have to be a Lyrical Host customer to be a Lyrical Host affiliate, but please do not claim or imply that you are or have been a customer if that isn’t the case. When promoting Lyrical Host, you may provide direct quotes from friends or contacts who use or have used our services with their permission.

21. You may not link to us, promote us, share us, or mention us on any offensive or extreme websites, such as ones with content relating to violence, pornography, abuse of animals or people, extreme right wing views, the promotion of racist or homophobic viewpoints, gender discrimination, or other hate speech. The designation of any materials as such is subject to our reasonable opinion.

22. You should act in good faith to refer customers in good standing. Customers in good standing are hosting account owners who have provided valid contact information, are not flagged for high fraud risk, and follow our Terms.

23. When recommending individuals to us, please do not recommend our services if they cannot reasonably afford to or would get into debt to do so. There are many budget hosting companies out there that may be better suited to their financial situation. Do not pressurize anyone into signing up for any reason, or harass them in any way, including spamming them via any channel or using offline methods.

24. If you are promoting our services via email, please do not send more than one email every 24 hours about our services, and no more than 3 emails total in any period of 7 days.

25. If you are promoting our services via social media networks, please do not post the same message more than once on the same channel in the same 24 hour period.

26. Do not make any misleading or false claims about Lyrical Host or our services. For example, if you are saying we are the cheapest, please be specific in what context and compared to whom (e.g. we’re cheap compared to managed WordPress hosting companies such as X and Y, not super budget hosts). If you want to include a statement but you are not sure if it is accurate, please email affiliates@lyricalhost.com and we’ll reply within a few hours.

27. Gaining referrals through misrepresentation, improper use of Lyrical Host intellectual property (i.e. Lyrical Host copyrighted material) or impersonation of Lyrical Host personnel is strictly prohibited and can result in loss of accrued Rewards and/or removal from the program.

28. As a company we support different charities and non-profits around the world. Please do not make our charity donations or sponsorship the focus of your post/content for selling or referral purposes. Please do not use their photos, content, or anything from their website, emails, or other marketing materials to promote Lyrical Host, even with permission. You may say that they were one of the reasons you chose to host with us if you wish to include your own personal viewpoint.

29. Affiliates are responsible for upholding the reputation of Lyrical Host at all times and promoting our services in an ethical and moral way, including acting within the terms of the Lyrical Host Moral Code as located at https://www.lyricalhost.com/terms-conditions

Portrayal & Disclosure of Affiliate Links & Codes

30. You must comply fully with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines concerning advertising and marketing, including without limitation, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Endorsement Guides.

31. You must disclose all affiliate links, discount codes, and your relationship with us in line with FTC standards. Any messaging or formats you use to endorse Lyrical Host, including websites and social media networks, must prominently disclose the fact that you may receive compensation for referring customers to Lyrical Host without the user having to scroll or navigate. For more information on how to comply, please go here: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/advertising-and-marketing/online-advertising-and-marketing

32. We reserve the right to withhold referral fees and/or terminate the affiliate relationship for your failure to comply with national or international disclosure policies or FTC guidelines.

33. Where social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. are involved, you must abide by the latest rules of both those networks and FTC guidelines on declaring relationships and potential affiliate commission. You are responsible for ensuring you disclose affiliate links and content in the correct and proper manner required by law.

Affiliate Payments

34. Lyrical Host will pay all valid affiliate commissions based on the structure and in the currency outlined in the user’s Affiliate Account unless a custom agreement exists in writing. Any commissions earned for valid sales will be paid out after a holding period of 90 days at the Affiliate’s discretion. We reserve the right to extend the holding period as set out in the T&C and without prior notice for as long as is reasonably necessary in order to establish the validity of a sale.

35. We process commission payouts through our ticket system on request, once the minimum payout balance of $50 USD, £40, $65 AUD, $65 CAD, or €40 has been reached. If you choose to have your affiliate commission paid out via PayPal, you are responsible for any transaction fees.

36. You are solely responsible for keeping all information up to date, including postal and email addresses, name, payment information, tax information and any other personal information that will impact the ability to issue a valid payment.

37. Each US Affiliate is required to submit an accurate and up to date W­8/W­9 tax form.

38. If we do not receive the necessary tax or payment information from you within 7 days of a request for payout of a Reward, the Reward will not be issued and you will be required to resubmit your request after entering applicable tax information. Your tax information is required to be on file in order for your Rewards to be paid.

39. We reserve the right to request additional data regarding all the websites where you promote Lyrical Host and the promotional practices you use. Failure to provide accurate information may result in exclusion from the Program, suspension or termination of your Affiliate account and forfeiture of any commissions.

40. Affiliates are responsible for requesting payments once they reach the minimum payment threshold, which is to be done by opening a support ticket at https://hub.lyricalhost.com.

41. Missing or untracked affiliate referrals must be reported within 30 days of the qualifying referred sale and will be credited to your account at our sole discretion, provided that such credit has accrued pursuant to all terms in the Affiliate Terms of Service. Referrals that are not reported during the then ­current referral period will not be credited to your account.

42. Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that their affiliate tracking link is working properly before sending traffic to the Lyrical Host website. Any modification to the links is the sole responsibility of the affiliate. Rewards may not be paid for tracking errors caused by editing, masking, redirecting, or tampering with affiliate links, as determined at Lyrical Host’s sole discretion.

43. Affiliates are responsible for making sure they are able to accept payments and that correct details are provided for payout, including correct email addresses.

44. Affiliates are responsible for all fees, taxes, exchange rates, surcharges and other expenses incurred in order to receive their Rewards.

45. In the event of possible credit card fraud and high cancellation rates, Lyrical Host reserves the right to hold Rewards for up to two additional months for verification. At Lyrical Host’s sole discretion, we reserve the right to cancel Rewards in the event that we are unable to collect funds from the referred customer, the order is fraudulent, the customer cancels within the first 91 days, or if it is found that the Reward was earned improperly for any other reason.

46. Lyrical Host is not responsible for any lost or stolen payments.

47. To update your information, please raise a ticket at https://hub.lyricalhost.com or edit the provided fields in your Affiliate Account or Lyrical Host account.

48. Referred customers that issue a chargeback or are found to be fraudulent (e.g. false information, fake/stolen credit cards, selling counterfeit goods, referring under false pretenses, manipulation, etc.), as determined at Lyrical Host’s sole discretion, will be reversed regardless of the amount of time that has passed since the signup occurred.

49. We may suspend your commission payouts at any time and for any period, if we suspect fraudulent or other improper activity or a potential violation of this Agreement by you or any customer you refer.

50. We reserve the right to deduct from your current and future commissions any and all commissions paid out for sales that are fraudulent, questionable, or canceled. Where no current and future commissions are due and criminal activity is involved, we will send you a bill for the balance of such refunded purchase upon termination of the program or termination of the referred customer account.

51. We shall provide you with a statement of commissions due in your Affiliate Account.

52. If applicable for your country of residence, we will issue self-billing invoices for all commission payouts, including applicable taxes. The Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions will be considered a valid Self-billing Agreement between you and Lyrical Host that shall continue until termination of your Affiliate account. By signing up for our Affiliate Program you agree to accept self-billing invoices raised by Lyrical Host on your behalf, not to raise any sales invoices for the commission payouts you receive from Lyrical Host and to notify us immediately if you change your name, company details or tax registration status.

53. Referred accounts must use different billing and payment methods than the referrer to qualify for Rewards. You may not claim affiliate commission on products and services purchased in your name, with your contact details or with your payment method, even on someone else’s behalf.

Restrictions On Promoting Lyrical Host Services As An Affiliate

54. You may not use inappropriate methods of promoting Lyrical Host either online or offline. Inappropriate methods include, but are not limited to:
• Using any illegal or spam method of advertising, e.g. unsolicited email, unauthorized placing of the link in forums, newsgroups, message boards etc.;
• Using non-unique, copyright infringing content to promote;
• Using traffic generated by pay to read, pay to click, banner exchanges, click exchanges, PPV advertising, pop-up/under, or similar methods;
• Providing monetary remuneration to obtain the sale;
• Using our advertising and promotional materials or name in a way which negatively affects our image;
• Any kind of gambling or raffle;
• Using iframes or any other techniques or technology that places your affiliate tracking cookie by any means other than an actual click-through;
• Using link cloaking or masking techniques or technology with the goal to promote Lyrical Host on websites and/or networks not explicitly listed in your affiliate profile and hiding that traffic source;
• Your domain name(s), company name, logo, trademark, product(s), project(s), service(s) must NOT contain keywords and phrases containing “Lyrical Host” or any other variations or misspellings confusingly similar to the Lyrical Host name, logo or domain name, without our prior approval;
• Your domain name(s), company name, logo, trademark, your product(s), project(s), service(s) must NOT contain keywords and phrases that contain or are confusingly similar to third-party trademarks, names, logos or domain names, unless you have been duly authorised by the trademark owner.
• Affiliates must not engage in incentivized programs and business-opportunity sites, using marketing practices that might be unethical or likely to attract customers not in good standing.
• Affiliates must not engage in any blackhat, greyhat, or other manipulation SEO or spam link building techniques or promote Lyrical Host from websites where such techniques have been employed.

55. Affiliates MAY NOT engage in the advertisement of business-opportunity sites or use marketing practices that attract fraudulent or short-term customers with low retention and renewal rates, which shall be determined at our sole discretion.

56. Affiliates may only create and promote competitions relating to Lyrical Host services or materials with our express advance permission.

57.You may not buy or otherwise commercially acquire mailing lists or email addresses and use them to sell, promote, or mention Lyrical Host services.

58. You must not set a domain to forward directly to our site using your affiliate link or use PPC links that do so.

59. Affiliates must not copy Lyrical Host’s website or any portions of it, including, without limitation, any of Lyrical Host’s trademarks or other intellectual property, and display them on their own site or subdomain or use them in any way without Lyrical Host’s prior expressed written permission.

60. You may not direct link to any part of LyricalHost.com from any paid search advertising or use lyricalhost.com as a display URL in paid advertising.

61. Lyrical Host shall have the sole right to decide if a promotional method you use is appropriate. The use of any advertising method that we consider inappropriate may result in warning, suspension or termination of your affiliate account and cancelation of all outstanding commission payments due.

62. If we detect a pattern in your affiliate practices that in our reasonable opinion violates any aspect of the T&C, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your affiliate account and cancel all outstanding commission payments due.

Affiliate Promotional Materials

63. You may use the materials available at https://www.lyricalhost.com/affiliate-resources to promote Lyrical Host services in an accurate and honest way.

64. You may not use other content from our website unless a) it is under 200 words total or b) it is a screenshare video you have recorded yourself or c) it is screenshots that have not been edited in a misleading way (e.g. you may add arrows or circles to highlight particular features and annotate them with accurate facts, but you may not add or edit any visible pricing or features)

65. You may create your own promotional materials and edit the supplied affiliate promotional materials to promote Lyrical Host services in a reasonable way in line with our Terms.

66. You may not use the affiliate promotional materials we’ve supplied to create non-Lyrical Host images for either personal or commercial use.

67. You may not redistribute or share our supplied imagery unless it is in a different form and is still be used to promote Lyrical Host (e.g. you can use our provided blank banners to create Lyrical Host advertising banners which you then offer for free to other Lyrical Host affiliates).

68. You should not profit from Lyrical Host affiliate promotional materials directly, whether they are ones we have provided or ones you have created yourself. For example, you may design a banner free of charge for another affiliate to advertise Lyrical Host but not for payment.

69. Upon termination of your affiliate account the limited, non-exclusive license to access and download promotional materials shall be automatically withdrawn and you must remove all instances of them and delete any of your affiliate downloads.

Account Termination

70. You can cancel your affiliate account at any time by contacting us through the support ticket system located at https://hub.lyricalhost.com or by emailing us at affiliates@lyricalhost.com. We will confirm in writing that your account has been terminated.

71. Lyrical Host can terminate an affiliate account immediately with no prior notice, if you or your affiliate account violates the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

72. Closing your affiliate account is separate to terminating any Lyrical Host hosting account, which must be done separately. In both cases, to close accounts you must raise a ticket at https://hub.lyricalhost.com and then confirm your wish to cancel.

73. Once an affiliate account is cancelled by you or terminated by us, we will no longer track the sales associated with the affiliate and you will not qualify for future affiliate commissions. Any valid commissions due at the time of termination will be paid to the Affiliate after any holding period and in accordance with the standard threshold. No outstanding commission payments will be due if we terminate your account because of violation of this T&C.

74. Upon termination of the Affiliate account, the Affiliate is obliged within 3 business days to remove all promotional materials, trademarks, links, logos and slogans of Lyrical Host from any web properties you are responsible for, including your own website and social media and forum posts on third party websites. This provision shall survive the termination of the Agreement. After the termination of this Agreement, the Affiliate shall not have the right to use Lyrical Host logos and provided promotional materials.

75. Upon termination of the affiliate account, this Agreement shall be automatically terminated.


76. Limitation of Liability

You agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you will not under any circumstances including, but not limited to, negligence, hold us or our licensors, agents, employees, officers and/or third party vendors liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages whatsoever including, but not limited to, damages for lost profits, cost savings, revenue, business, data or use, or any other pecuniary loss by you or any other third party. You agree that the foregoing limitations apply whether in an action in contract or tort or any other legal theory and apply even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event will we be liable to you in the aggregate with respect to any and all breaches, defaults, or claims of liability under this agreement or under any other document for an amount greater than the fees actually paid by you to us during the one month period preceding a claim giving rise to such liability. Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. You agree that in those jurisdictions, our liability will be limited to the extent permitted by law.

This provision shall survive termination of the Agreement.

77. Governing law – Any dispute, controversy or claim arising under this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation in the jurisdiction where the Lyrical Host entity servicing your Affiliate account is located.

78. Relationship of the Parties – Both Lyrical Host and the Affiliate agree that they enter into this Agreement as independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between them. The Affiliate has no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on the behalf of Lyrical Host. The Affiliate cannot make any statement, whether on the Affiliate website or otherwise, that reasonably would contradict anything in this section.

Changes to the Affiliate Program Terms

79. Lyrical Host may change any of the terms and conditions in this Agreement, in whole or in part, at any time at Lyrical Host’s sole discretion. The amendments and/or supplements of the Agreement shall be effective immediately upon posting to the website of Lyrical Host. The current T&C is always available on Lyrical Host’s website.

80. Lyrical Host will use reasonable efforts to provide you with 7 days advance notice of any changes that materially impact your participation in the Affiliate Program. If you do not agree to any amendments, you must terminate your Affiliate account within 7 business days of the date of the amendment.

81. We reserve the right to modify or cancel our Affiliate Program at any time. Your continued use of this service after modifications have been made constitutes an acceptance of the updated terms. If you do not agree with the updated terms, you must immediately stop utilizing our services and terminate your account with us.

82. If you have any questions regarding our Affiliate Program, please open a support ticket at https://hub.lyricalhost.com or email affiliates@lyricalhost.com.

Last Updated: April 2018