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Theme Perfection

Let our in-house WordPress developers turn your theme into everything you always wanted it to be.

Theme Perfection is a signature just-for-you service that ensures that the theme you love has the exact look and functionality you want. If you’ve ever thought, “This theme would be perfect if only…” then Theme Perfection is for you.


Maybe the positioning of your logo isn’t quite right. Maybe you want your homepage laid out differently. Maybe you want your navigation to be more practical. Maybe you’re obsessed with your theme but you keep seeing it everywhere and you want to stand out from the crowd. Maybe there’s something that’s never quite worked the way it should.


We fix all that to turn the flawed theme you love into the theme of your dreams.

Who is Theme Perfection for?

WordPress users

Theme Perfection is available to all Lyrical Host customers with a WordPress website. This includes WordPress Network/Multisite. It doesn’t matter whether your theme is a free or premium one, where you got it, what framework or builder you use (if any),  or what plugins you have installed.


The risk-averse

You’re guaranteed the work will be done by in-house experienced senior WordPress developers with years of PHP experience. We don’t outsource any work, we do it all ourselves to maintain the high standards you expect.


You don’t have to give your login details to a stranger, or worry that they’ll disappear, charge a fortune, or not get the job done that you want. It’s the Lyrical Host tech support you know and love.

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Theme Perfection is for you if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get your website looking exactly how you envisioned it. We give you a no-obligation quote upfront so you know exactly what you’re paying. A small job can be completed within your first half hour, making it free!



Don’t know your em from your px? Don’t worry, you don’t need to know or say anything technical. If you say “Could you move the big flamingo image above that other column thing,” we know what you mean. You don’t need to know HTML, CSS, PHP, or any design terms – that’s our job.


Lyrical Host customers

Theme Perfection is only available to Lyrical Host customers with an active hosting package because we offer such great rates for the work. It’s a bonus for your loyalty! Please note this service is only available for sites you yourself own and host with us; we’re unable to offer this service to your clients.

What kind of tasks are covered?

Changing fonts and font styles (colors, sizes, effects, blockquotes, heading styles, body text styles etc.)
Changing line heights and text spacing (so your paragraphs and headings are perfect).
Creating new easy-to-use style elements you can drop in to pages and posts, for example buttons and highlight boxes.
Making your sidebar look lovely by making headings and spacing consistent, integrating fonts, borders, separators, and so on.
Integrating custom images, for example icons, logos, header images, backgrounds, or similar. (Images must be provided by you and you must have rights to use them).
Text and image alignment, such as margins, lining elements up, and so on.
Laying out your homepage in a different way, for example creating blocks or grids with featured posts, creating sliders, adding or removing sidebars, headers and footers.
Formatting display features provided by plugins, e.g. changing the way your social media widgets or related posts look.
Adding shop or store integration to your existing website/blog via WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.
Converting your website either to or from a WordPress Network and setting up themes and plugins accordingly.
If you want something that isn't listed above, email us at support@lyricalhost.com with the details and we'll try to make it happen for you!

What kind of tasks aren’t covered?

Logo and image creation/editing. Unfortunately we can't provide design services, but we can add existing images and logos to your website if you send over the files.
Providing you with legal advice and text such as privacy policies, terms of use, and disclaimers.
Third party integrations, for example installing Google Adsense, fixing Google Search Console errors, Mailchimp automations, setting up Facebook Pixel. These are all covered under our Integration Station service.

How does it work?

1. Raise A Ticket

Let us know what you’re after by raising a support ticket, and we’ll ask a few follow up questions to make sure we can complete the work exactly to your specification.


If you’re not sure how to phrase things or what exactly you want changing, don’t worry! Feel free to scribble on a screenshot and send it over, or hop on a live chat so we can discuss your perfect theme in real time.

Your Support

2. Quote & Payment

Once we have the details of what you want, we’ll provide a free no-obligation quote for the work. The first half hour of work is free the first time you book the Theme Perfection service, and that’s enough time to fix small things at no extra cost to you. There’s no obligation to go ahead, so if you decide this service isn’t for you right now, don’t worry! Just let our team know you’ve changed your mind.


If you’re happy with your quote, let our team know and they’ll arrange a date and time with you to do the work. They’ll also email you an invoice with a link to our secure payment process. All information will be detailed in your Lyrical Host account so you can view and review it at any time.


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3. Sit Back & Relax

The work will be completed by our in-house WordPress development team, and they’ll reply to your ticket when the work’s done so you can check everything is exactly how you wanted. They’ll also explain anything and everything if they’ve added or changed functionality.


Enjoy your perfect theme!

Sound good?

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