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Affiliate Resource Center

Earn cash or credit commissions for referring customers!

Welcome to the Lyrical Host Affiliate Resource Center! Below you’ll find a treasure trove of photos, graphics, guides, tips, and docs to help you learn more about and successfully recommend Lyrical Host.

Earn up to $80 (or your equivalent currency) for each new hosting customer you refer!
Create affiliate links and/or personalized discount codes from your Affiliate Dashboard and use with any of the resources below!
Exclusive promo materials & advance emails telling you of our upcoming sales and qualifying new products.
No minimum customer spend or plan type - all hosting plans qualify.
Unlimited earnings, no minimum monthly sales, commission never expires.
Earn commission even on sale and discounted services.
Multiple payout options available.

The Lyrical Host Affiliate Guides

Download one of our free essential affiliate guides and get ready to earn!
There are two guides available:

  • A beginner’s guide which starts with an explanation of what affiliate marketing is and how to use affiliate marketing links before going into Lyrical Host-specific details;
  • An intermediate guide which skips the affiliate marketing explanations and gets straight into the good stuff.


Whichever guide you choose, everything you need to know is covered along with information about Lyrical Host, how to accurately represent our brand, copy and paste content, and tips and suggestions for selling.


Please note that this is essential reading for all affiliates. We pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency, and integrity, and expect you to uphold the same standards when recommending us.

Download Newbie Affiliate Guide
Download Seasoned Affiliate Guide
Essential Affiliate Guides

Downloadable Affiliate Resources

Blogging Bundle
Limited Edition Blogging Bundle

Earn 20% of any sales you make on our limited time Bundle! This pack contains images and text for promoting our limited edition Blogging Bundle (available until Sept 30, 2018).

Please note these graphics are only to be used for promoting the Lyrical Host Blogging Bundle and may not be used for other purposes, including sharing, selling, or redistribution.

Blank Banners
Blank Banners

Design your own affiliate banner using horizontal 468 x 60 banners or vertical 120 x 600 banners.


Please note these graphics are only to be used for creating Lyrical Host affiliate banners and may not be used for other purposes, including sharing, selling, or redistribution.

Done For You Banners
Done-for-you Banners

Download done-for-you banners to use on your website, in emails, or however you like!


Available in a series of colors and designs, you can choose between horizontal 468 x 60 banners or vertical 120 x 600 banners.

Customizable Sidebar Images
Customizable Sidebar Images

Sized at 250 px wide to fit your blog sidebar, these images come in 20+ designs and two flavors. Simply add your personal discount code (create in seconds from your Affiliate Dashboard) using a graphics program of your choice.


Upload to your website, link to LyricalHost.com using your affiliate link (again you can find or create these in your Affiliate Dashboard)  and you’re done!

Mockup Previews

A series of high resolution mockups of our hosting pages, control panels, webmail and more displayed on a variety of devices.


With portrait and landscape options available, these are ideal for blog posts, resource library pages, social media posts and much more.

Key Benefits PDF Download
Key Features, Benefits & Information PDF

This 7 page PDF focuses on the key features and benefits of becoming a Lyrical Host customer.


Pick out a few points to guide your own content inspiration. Or simply use the information to learn more about us as a company. The choice is yours!

6 Reasons to Choose Lyrical Host Infographics
“Why Choose Lyrical Host?” Infographics

This done-for-you infographic includes 6 reasons to choose Lyrical Host, and can be used on your website, Pinterest, or anywhere else you like.


Sized at 800 x 2000, this infographic is available in a choice of two color palettes and can be downloaded in both full resolution and optimized for web versions.

Why Go Self-Hosted? Preview
“Why Go Self-Hosted?” images

This “Why Go Self-Hosted?” infographic-style image is supplied in a variety of colors. There’s a bar at the top to fit your domain name (fonts used are Montserrat and Arvo), or just use as-is.


Choose from both web-friendly and high-resolution versions. Use them on Pinterest or add them into a blog post or page about your self-hosting story.

Lyrical Host Logos
Lyrical Host Logos

Provided in PNG format: charcoal grey, white, and coral in small, medium and large sizes.


Feel free to use our logo directly on your pages, social media and in emails. You can even add them to a banner or image if you’re recommending us.


Please note that you may change the size and color of our logo, but not make any other changes. Use of our logo is permitted for affiliate materials and pages only.

Mini Business Card Photos
Mini Business Card Photos

A mini pack of informal images displaying one of our tiny business cards in various locations. They’re great for adding some personality to your posts or social media.


Provided in JPG format, these images come in three variations: sized for Instagram, optimized for your blog, and full resolution. Feel free to edit them how you like!

Resource Examples
Free Resource Examples

Every month our hosting customers get free exclusive one-time-only stock photos and blogging resources delivered straight to their inbox.


Here’s a sample of some of the things they’ve received in the past that you can use in your blog posts or social media posts to show the extras we provide as standard. If you’re a Lyrical Host customer, feel free to use any of your own downloads in place of these if you prefer!

Content Prompts PDF Downloads
Content Prompts & Ideas

“50 Content Prompts” is a handy PDF of ideas for writing about Lyrical Host in your blog posts, emails, social media, and other types of content. It includes 40 content prompts and titles for blog posts, and 10 shorter content prompts perfect for your newsletter or social media posts.


“What to include in a genuine web hosting review” includes a bunch of topics, tips, and advice on what to include in a useful hosting review – no matter who you’re writing about!

"Hosted By" Buttons
“Hosted By” Buttons

A variety of small colorful buttons measuring 175 x 36, all provided in PNG format. They’re ideal for your website sidebar or footer.


Choose from solid background with all caps text, solid background with logo, or transparent background with all caps text. Light colored page backgrounds are recommend for the transparent buttons.


Affiliate FAQs

What's affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service and earn commission based on the sales you make. Online, this usually means writing a blog post, newsletter, social media post or similar and disclosing that it’s an affiliate link you may profit from if used. For more information, please download The Newbie’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing at Lyrical Host.

What do I need to be an affiliate?

All you need is a free Lyrical Host affiliate account and a platform. This could be your blog, social media, mailing list, course, landing page, website footer or sidebar, or similar so you can share your link or discount code. It helps to be a Lyrical Host customer, but it’s not a requirement.

How do I get started as an affiliate?

Download our Newbie Affiliate Guide which covers everything you need to know and includes step-by-step instructions for getting started in minutes. Or if you’re already familiar with affiliate marketing, grab The Seasoned Affiliate’s Guide instead!

Does commission expire?

Commission never expires, so no matter how long it takes you to hit the $50 threshold, you don’t have to worry about losing your accumulated earnings!

How do I track my sales?

All data, details, and the status of your referrals are available at a glance in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Do I have to be a Lyrical Host customer?

You don’t have to be a Lyrical Host customer to be an affiliate; we provide all the images and resources you need to promote us.

What makes your affiliate program better?

Many web hosting affiliate programs have a lot of small print. Even the most popular ones have clauses about expiring commission, minimum customer spend, requirements that a referral must have a custom live website within a certain amount of time, short cookie durations…effectively, lots of reasons not to pay out.

We don’t do any of that; we appreciate the hard work you do and want to reward you for it wherever possible. That’s why we do 90 day cookies, no expiring commission, no minimum customer spend, no crazy website requirements, multiple payout methods, no sales targets, no inactive account closure, tons of easy to use resources, and both affiliate links and custom discount codes you can create on demand.

When can I cash out my earnings?

After referring someone who makes their first hosting plan purchase, your commission will be registered as pending. After 90 days our system will check that they are still an active customer and approve your commission. Once you reach the payment threshold of $50 USD, £40, $65 AUD, $65 CAD, or €40 depending on your account currency, you can cash out your payment or use it towards your own hosting and domain names for a 10% bonus.

How long does a cookie last?

Affiliate cookies last 90 days, so there’s plenty of time to get a sale.

Can I create my own affiliate materials?

Yes, unlike other hosting affiliate programs, we let you create your own affiliate marketing materials to use. The only requirements we have are that you don’t use our website content or logo without permission, you’re clear that any bonuses are offered by you and not us and that you’re honest about our services. Full details and conditions are available in both our Affiliate Guides.

What are your affiliate program terms and conditions?

My question isn't answered here, help?!

Sure! Email us at affiliates@lyricalhost.com or use the chat at the bottom right of this page.

Run a Facebook group or similar community?


Grab an exclusive-to-your-group mini bundle of goodies for your group members when they sign up. Plus get a better rate of commission after your first 50 sales, and other perks!

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